Slim Danger: Who is Chief Keef’s baby mama?

Slim Danger
Chief Keef’s baby mama Slim Danger appeared on No Jumper podcast to talk about her relationships with celebrities. Pic credit: No Jumper/YouTube

Slim Danger went viral after an appearance on the “Thots Next Door” podcast after she told a story about NFL star and Cleveland Brown’s wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr alleged sexual fetish. The adult actress spoke with No Jumper podcast hosts Celina and Ayyyejae about how she met Chicago rapper, Chief Keef.

Slim Danger, whose real name is Aareon Clark, choose her nickname after a contestant on For The Love Of Ray J named Danger, who inspired the viral chant: “Danger, she smashed the homie.”

Here is everything we know about Chief Keef’s baby mama Slim Danger.

Slim Danger claims Odell Beckham Jr likes being defecated on

When asked by the co-host Celina Powell whether she has ever met a celebrity who enjoys being defecated on. Danger said the following when speaking about the NFL star “I will tell you this story. He loves to be shi**ed on. That was my first time ever.” Celina reminds Danger to say “allegedly” to avoid lawsuits as she went on to tell her story about the NFL star.

Celina asked if she actually “sh*t” on Odell to which she responded that she couldn’t, explaining:“I actually couldn’t sh*t. I could not do it. I’m a wild ass, I can do some freak a** sh*t. You know what I’m saying but you can’t just do that to me on the spot.”

Odell Beckham jr seemingly responded to Slim Danger’s story by implying that he is focused on football with the following caption and photo: “Can’t knock me off my pivot… no matter what shxts thrown my way.”

Slim Danger says OVO 40 was supposed to be her baby daddy before Chief Keef

Slim Danger tells the podcast host that she got pregnant soon after she arrived in California. Danger claims that Chief Keef, who reportedly has nine children with nine mothers said: “join the crew.” However, Danger implied that she intended to get pregnant by Drake’s producer 40 as the podcast hosts discuss his potential wealth due to his association with Drake and producer credits.
Danger then invites 40, who she describes as Drake’s manager, to slide in her DM adding: “no more baby.”

The adult actress says Chief Keef does not have a relationship with his child Zinc Clark. Furthermore, Slim says that Keef did not show up to court for the paternity hearing and consequently legally acknowledged his paternity.

Tekashi 6ix9ine once took Slim Danger shopping to taunt Chief Keef

Rapper 6ix9ine reportedly took Slim Danger on a $75,000 shopping spree before his incarceration in 2018 during his feud with the rapper. Danger later claimed that she slept with 6ix9ine and mocked the size of his private part.

Slim Danger told the podcast host that sleeping with rappers for free has helped her buy her own home and start two businesses.

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