Skateboarder Leticia Bufoni in tight spandex shows off toned physique

Leticia Bufoni looks glamorous in green
Leticia Bufoni looks glamorous in her all-green fit. Pic credit: @leticiabufoni/Instagram

Leticia Bufoni looked stunning as she recently shared her glamorous green athletic fit with her fans and followers.

The Olympic skateboarder and 6x X-Games gold medalist has kept herself quite busy over the last couple of months, as she’s enjoyed living a highly active and healthy lifestyle.

If Leticia isn’t competing or practicing on her skateboard, she’s involved in some other fun, adrenaline-rushing activity like off-roading or even skydiving.

The Olympic star has kept herself fairly active on social media, just enough to where her 4.3 million Instagram followers can tag along with her on all of her adventures.

Leticia recently uploaded a collage of photos of which she was captured wearing a gorgeous, forest green Nike outfit.

Leticia shared the pictures on her Instagram Story, as she looked happier than ever casually posing in the mirror.

Leticia Bufoni is glamorous in all-green

Leticia shared the mirror selfie in the early hours of the morning, as she wore all green from head to toe.

The skateboarder wore a low-cut Nike sports bra and paired it with a high-waisted green legging, which hugged her body perfectly. The leggings accentuated her every curve, which also showcased her well-earned abs.

She wore green and white Nike slip-on shoes to complete the athletic fit. Her wavy hair flowed naturally down past her shoulders as it was dyed to a new blueish-turquoise color.

The fit was simple, but Leticia looked effortlessly gorgeous as she posed with one hand in the air and the other holding her phone. Her beautiful full sleeve of black-and-gray tattoos also made an appearance in the selfie.

She added a fun, moving gif to the photo which said, “But First Let Me Take A Selfie.”

Leticia Bufoni looks gorgeous in green
Pic credit: @leticiabufoni/Instagram

Leticia Bufoni celebrates International Off-Road Day

In another recent Instagram Story, Leticia happily celebrated International Off-Road Day.

The skateboarder celebrated by taking her flashy new, black and red Can-Am out for a spin.

It looked like the perfect day to go off-roading as a crystal clear blue sky was present in the background.

Leticia was photographed crouching down on the front wheel of the Can-Am as she smiled while the sun glistened on her.

She wore a black Can-Am jersey and styled it with a green Red Bull hat which matched the rest of the green outfit.

Leticia Bufoni celebrates off-roading day
Pic credit: @leticiabufoni/Instagram

It was evident through the expression on Leticia’s face that she had thoroughly enjoyed herself on yet another exhilarating adventure.

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