Simone Biles stuns in game day outfit

Simone Biles rocks shorts and cowboy boots for another stunning game day look.
Simone Biles supports her fiance on game day. Pic credit: @simonebiles/Instagram

Simone Biles has earned a reputation for being a world-class athlete, a decorated gymnast, and a positive role model for girls worldwide.

She’s also known for her incredibly toned body and never missing an opportunity to cheer on her fiance as he hits the football field.

While attending another game day in support of her boo, Jonathan Owens, Simone took a second to snap a pic of her outfit.

She wore a pair of black shorts that she complimented with a matching top that featured Jonathan’s jersey number. She layered her outfit with a black jacket and finished the look with a pair of stylish knee-high cowboy boots.

Simone styled her hair in loose curls and added a nude lip color to her soft-glam makeup. She accessorized with a purse with her future last name written across it, a few dainty bracelets, and of course, her engagement ring.

Simone often travels to watch Jonathan play and never fails to represent her man and the Texans with her outfits.

Gymnast, Simone Biles, shows off her outfit as she attends game day for her fiance.
Simone Biles represents her fiance, Jonathan Owens, on game day. Pic credit: @simonebiles/Instagram

Simone Biles is busy wedding planning

On Valentine’s Day this year, Simone and Jonathan became engaged. The two reportedly met on a dating app and instantly felt their chemistry was like none other.

After accepting his proposal, Simone immediately dived into wedding planning and shared pieces of her journey with her followers online.

She has shared videos and photos of herself dress shopping, finalizing details, and celebrating with her girlfriends.

While they have not officially shared their wedding date, Simone and Jonathan plan to exchange their vows in 2023, likely after the NFL season has ended.

Simone Biles isn’t ready to retire

During the last Olympic Games, Simone struggled to compete in her planned events and ultimately withdrew herself from the finals. Simone revealed that while preparing for the competition, she struggled to perform her routine twists and flips and could not locate the mat on the floor where she needed to land.

She explained how terrifying this was for her and decided the best option was to not compete and jeopardize her safety. She made a statement saying she wanted to put her health, both mentally and physically, first and did not feel that needed additional explanation.

Since then, there have been rumors that the gymnast has retired. However, Simone says she’s not ready for that just yet. She has confirmed she will be at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. However, she did not say whether she would compete or if she would attend as a supporter.

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