Simone Biles earns Wheaties box thanks to G.O.A.T status

simone biles selfie
Simone Biles lands on the front of a Wheaties box. Pic credit: @simonebiles/Instagtam

Wheaties has long been considered the breakfast of champions, so it only made sense for Simone Biles to earn a cereal box.

The athlete, dubbed the G.O.A.T or the greatest of all time, dominated gymnastics for years as a member of Team U.S.A.

And while Simone’s 2024 Paris Olympics status as a competitor remains uncertain, her place in history is all but guaranteed.

Simone snagged a deal with Wheaties, and the partnership has continued to flourish. The company just dropped Simone’s latest promotional material for the collaboration, and the content was nothing short of captivating.

With her latest efforts, the fiancee of Jonathan Owens managed to kill two birds with one stone.

First, she promoted Athleta, the sportswear company for which she has served as a designer. Second, she posed for the cereal brand, joining an impressive list of athletes before her, including Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan.

Simone Biles shows G.O.A.T status for Wheaties

Simone’s latest Wheaties ad saw her posing against an orange and white background, looking confident with her hands on her hips. She wore a black spandex sports top with matching shorts as she stood proud with muscle definition.

The gymnast had a few beautiful accessories, including small silver hoop earrings, a silver pendant necklace, and a massive engagement ring. She also donned a navel piercing, visible thanks to her outfit.

The caption for the post was interesting because it highlighted Simone’s accomplishments as a gymnast.

As the caption revealed, Simone had an impressive four gymnastic moves named after her. She was also the first woman gymnast to do a triple-double, which involved two flips with three twists.

The caption read, “Simone Biles is truly the greatest of all time, with 32 medals to her name, 7 National All-Around titles, and 4 gymnastics skills named after her. But that’s not all: Off the mat she advocates for children to be the best version of themselves, proving that she doesn’t need to be on the mat to be the 🐐.”

Simone has done more than break gymnastics records. She also dropped Nike in favor of Athleta, promoting the brand that places precedence on mental health.

Simone Biles promotes Athleta

When Simone dropped athlete favorite brand Nike for Athleta, some people may have been surprised.

However, Athleta was a natural fit for Simone. Athleta has woven body positivity and mental health awareness into the fabric of its designs — literally.

Simone designed a 15-piece activewear collection geared toward young girls. The Athleta Girl collection has inspirational words or mantras sewn into each garment. The words serve as daily reminders of positivity and good energy.

Simone told Teen Vogue, “They’re gentle reminders that help me tap into my inner confidence.”

Fans can buy the items from Athleta Girl at Old Navy, Gap, or the Athleta website.

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