Simone Biles celebrates wedding weekend in plunging swimsuit

Simone Biles selfie
Simone Biles sizzled in a designer swimsuit to celebrate her wedding. Pic credit: @simonebiles/Instagram

Simone Biles and her partner Jonathan Owens enjoyed a gorgeous beach wedding in Mexico this past weekend, swimsuits included.

Simone and Jonathan invited many friends to the event, including fellow gymnast Aly Raisman.

It was clear that Simone and her gal pals had a great time on the beach as they all wore swimsuits and bikinis and had huge smiles in their pictures.

Aly shared a set of photos herself to send her congratulations and to commemorate “such a fun weekend.”

In the first photo, Aly and Simone stood beside each other, where viewers could see Aly’s bright green swimsuit and colorful denim shorts.

Meanwhile, Simone was dressed in an entirely Fendi outfit with a neutral swimsuit and matching bucket hat.

The pictures are a great indication that the wedding and celebration were absolutely amazing.

Simone Biles opens up about marrying Jonathan Owens

Marriages can be super stressful, but it seems that Simone and Jonathan made things work out very well in their favor.

Initially, the couple married in an intimate ceremony in the United States with only a few people present. Then, they had their big ceremony in Mexico.

Simone felt the heat and pressure of her wedding, but fortunately, her confidence won in the long run.

“When it was almost time to walk, my heart was beating out of my chest,” she told Vogue. “I’ve never been so nervous before in my life, but I felt confident walking down the aisle. Seeing Jonathan at the altar was a dream.”

Confidence is essential for an athlete, and Simone shines in every endeavor she pursues.

Simone Biles promotes newest limited-edition leotard

One of Simone’s biggest endeavors is her partnership with GK Elite Sportswear. She has worked with the company to promote and produce multiple leotards, including one specifically for her special day.

The Simone Biles Something Blue Leotard retails for $79.99 and celebrates not only her accomplishments as a gymnast but her wedding as well.

Simone highlighted the leotard herself, noting that the limited-edition leotard seemed to be the best way to share her big day with her fans.

The limited piece features a baby blue primary color but channels wedding vibes with a splash of white.

The upper part of the leotard features a white base with a blue pattern that mimics wedding lace on top of the solid white.

The back of the leotard features her wedding date in Roman Numerals with a neat yet simple V•VI.

The leotard certainly brings out both aspects of Simone’s life as a gymnast and as a bride, and the beautiful athlete seems overjoyed with the limited piece.

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