Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens set Halloween ablaze with their cute couples costume

Simon Biles celebrating Holloween
Simon Biles and her boyfriend, Jonathan Owens, look amazing in their matching couples costumes. Pic credit: ©

Simone Biles and her boyfriend, Jonathan Owens, are heating things up this Halloween. The beloved couple posed as they wore a very interesting couple’s costume.  

The pair dressed up as a firefighter and a flame. Simone wore a bikini top with a flame print with a matching bolero top. She paired the look with a coordinating A-line miniskirt. The Olympian added black boots to complete the look.  

She had a unique take on her makeup by sporting long orange and black eyelashes and nude lip gloss.  

Simone wore her hair down in light waves, where fans got a chance to see her blonde highlights.  

Jonathan wore a black shirt with bright red overalls over it. He sold the look with black trousers that had yellow and white stripes to sell the firefighter look.   

He opted out of the normal firefighter hat and instead wore a black baseball cap.  

The two looked like they were getting cozy as they showed off their latest outfit on Instagram.  

Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens love to coordinate 

What fans might not realize is that the loving couple likes to match each other’s outfits a lot. While the two were on a trip to Las Vegas, they both looked great in their monochromatic black outfits.  

Simone wore a black spaghetti strap graphic tank top. Under it was her denim cut-off shorts that had the pockets peeking through. She paired it with over-the-knee black cowboy boots. 

The athlete had a leather jacket around her waist to combat the breeze.  

The Olympic gymnast kept the accessories simple with a necklace and black sunglasses that kept her curls off her face.  

The football safety wore a black t-shirt with a zip-up hoodie over it. He paired it with slim-fit sweatpants and black running sneakers.  

He also kept his accessories simple by sporting his stacked chains.  

Simone Biles shares her Athleta favorite 

Fall is around the corner, and Simone Biles partnered with Athleta to show her followers some of her favorite looks.  

One of her first looks was seen in a hallway, where she wore a white pullover with purple shorts underneath. She then showed off her black sports bra with marble-printed biker shorts. She paired it with white running sneakers to complete the look. 

But the best look she showed was her all-black workout outfit for the brand. She sported a black muscle top with matching leggings. She paired it with a black baseball cap that kept her dark brown hair out of her face.  

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