Sierra Skye smells the roses in gorgeous Fashion Nova dress

sierra skye
Sierra Skye looked stunning in rose garden snaps. Pic credit: @sierraaaskyee/Instagram

Sierra Skye was in full bloom as she smelled the roses in a revealing dress.

The stunning model is a social media favorite who knows just what her fans want.

She loves to mix the daring with the sophisticated and has the figure to carry both off.

Her luscious curves are a dream in any outfit, and those drop-dead gorgeous looks don’t hurt, either.

Sierra took the elegant route for her latest shots as she shared a series of snaps that showed her enjoying the natural beauty of a rose garden in a revealing Fashion Nova dress.

Her outfit was the perfect showcase for her incredible physique with a tight white top that was fastened at the chest with crisscross straps and opened above the waist to reveal a perfectly flat tummy.

The bottom of her dress was tied across on thighs and hugged her hips to perfectly emphasize those curves.

Sierra accessorized the sensational look with gold earrings, a silver necklace, a ring, and a sophisticated silver bracelet that hung from her right wrist.

Sierra Skye is coming up roses in Fashion Nova dress

In the first snap, Sierra held a rose in one hand while staring provocatively at the camera. Her white dress and tan were set off beautifully against the luscious green surround.

In a second shot, Sierra lifted the flower to her nose and breathed in its delicate fragrance while letting a smile break across her face in beating sunshine.

A final snap showed her clutching the rose to her chest with her shadow casting out across the ground behind her.

Sierra looked blissfully happy in the idyllic scene and told her 4.4 million Instagram followers, “I accepted the rose,” before tagging in the fashion label.

Sierra Skye’s floral theme is all the rage

Sierra’s not the only one indulging their floral side of late.

We told how Camilla Mended donned a flower-printed dress to say thanks for a magazine article.

The Riverdale star shared a snap in the floral one-piece with full-length sleeves after a piece by the writer Samantha Sutton in InStyle magazine “captured her essence.”

Australian model Natalie Roser also caused a stir recently in a sensational floral dress as she enjoyed a day on the beach.

Natalie went braless in the figure-hugging, purple and orange, knee-length outfit.

A video shared to her Instagram showed the Aussie beauty looking blissfully happy as she soaked up the sun on the picturesque white sands.

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