Sierra Skye sizzles in tie-dye dress

Sierra Skye poses for a selfie
Sierra Skye looked stunning in a tie-dye dress for her latest Fashion Nova outfit. Pic credit: @sierraaaskyee/Instagram

Sierra Skye sizzled in the sun in a tie-dye minidress while fixing her hair. The 27-year-old model was showing off her latest fit from Fashion Nova with the short video.

The model is known for partnering with Fashion Nova and other clothing brands. To promote the outfits, she posts short videos showing off the styles from multiple angles with a catchy tune playing over them.

She chose to play SZA’s song Love Language for this outfit while modeling. Meanwhile, she decided to capture the dress’s backside, thus, standing with her back to the camera.

In the video, she could be seen taking a black clasp out of her hair and letting it fall loose. She gave her head a few shakes to show off her now freed locks of dirty blond hair.

Skye was dressed in a cute tie-dye dress with white and pink tones. The sleeveless dress showed off her toned shoulders and also hugged her body in a flattering manner.

She simply tagged Fashion Nova with a little heart emoji in the caption.

Sierra Skye films videos for her Fashion Nova partnership

The videos of Skye modeling Fashion Nova outfits are quite frequent. After all, the young model has a very prominent partnership with the fashion brand.

She is very proud of her collaboration with Fashion Nova and even has the brand tagged in her Instagram bio. As part of the partnership, she often films videos or poses for photoshoots in her latest Fashion Nova outfit.

Sometimes she models minidresses, while other times, she models two-piece sets or bikinis. Regardless of what she’s modeling, she always gives a shoutout to Fashion Nova and highlights their styles.

She often includes a small Fashion Nova icon in the corner when she films her videos. The words FN can be seen in the right-hand corner in this video of her in a single-shouldered crop top and matching skirt.

While she could just pose and snap a few photos, the videos work well and show extra effort with her thoughtful song choices and unique filming angles.

Her dedicated partnership with Fashion Nova could lead to more partnerships down the line.

Skye wants to share social media and exercise tips with her followers

Skye has found success on social media as she boasts 4.4 million followers and has been nabbing partnerships with brands like Fashion Nova. She also always manages to stun in her modeling photos with her impressive physique.

On her self-titled website, she launched an initiative to share her social media and workout secrets with her fans. Users can sign up for her Social Media Courses or her Bikini Body Program.

She explained in the description of the Social Media Course that it shares her strategy for social media success step-by-step. Skye has even received testimonials backing up the course’s effectiveness.

However, she didn’t stop there and also opted to offer a Bikini Body Program. The program provides users with six weeks of the exercises she regularly does.

Skye claimed that the fitness program was developed by certified personal trainers and has been “proven” to foster results.

Her sizzling bikini photos and hefty social media followers have aroused curiosity about her secrets. Hence, capitalizing on interest and sharing her secrets at a cost could be lucrative.

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