Sierra Cabot wants to know if fans like her hair

Sierra Cabot
Gamer Sierra Cabot went makeup free to ask her followers if they liked her hair. Pic credit: @sierra_cabot/Instagram

Sierra Cabot asked her fans and followers to weigh in on her newest hairstyle, although she likely knew they’d love it.

Sierra has built herself a serious online following on Instagram and TikTok, where she shares a variety of content, much of it including gaming with a little bit of cosplay mixed in.

One of Sierra’s first cosplays shared online was Amber, also known as Outrider, a character from the video game Genshin Impact.

Since making that post, Sierra has continued to share more of herself with fans and followers alike, and they’ve been begging her to start a YouTube streaming account.

Despite their desire, Sierra has been focusing on her gaming content and sharing on Instagram and TikTok instead.

Her recent share stepped away from her usual, brightly colored, and gaming-focused content and instead had Sierra asking for her followers’ opinions.

Sierra Cabot wears a black tank top to ask followers if they like her hair

Taking to her Instagram, Sierra shared a carousel post containing three separate images of herself seated at the bottom of a set of stairs.

Lights placed on the stairs added a golden glow to Sierra’s set as she prepared to ask her followers to focus on her hair.

In the first shot, Sierra sat on one of the steps with her arms reached out in front of her and set on top of her knees.

She donned a black tank top with a lace bodice that flowed away from her tiny waist and featured a plunging neckline.

Sierra wore minimal makeup, though her bright red lips stood out against her porcelain skin.

The gamer’s light brunette locks were separated into low pigtails, with her hair flowing down her chest and shoulders.

Small whispy layers were also pulled away from the ponytails to help frame her face as she shared a sultry glance at the camera lens.

The following two pictures were similar as they gave a closer look at Sierra’s hairstyle for the day.

“Do you like my hair?” she captioned the share.

Sierra stunned in a black corset top for a photo shoot with photographer Angel Fonesca

As Sierra continues to build her following online, she’s also been taking the opportunity to branch out and work with others in the social media world.

In a previous post to Instagram from July 2022, Sierra shared a series of shots from a photoshoot she worked on with Toronto and LA-based photographer Angel Fonseca.

The five shots were simple yet stunning as Sierra struck various poses in a form-fitting black corset top and low-rise jeans.

Her dark locks were worn in loose waves and cascaded around her shoulders while being parted down the middle.

For their backdrop, Angel had Sierra stand amidst several tall, white columns with various globe lights hanging around them.

With an impressive 336,000 followers on Instagram and another 1.6 million followers on TikTok, Sierra is likely only just getting started in the impact she’ll make in the gaming and social media world.

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Jesus Freak
Jesus Freak
25 days ago

Don’t worry, she’ll be gone soon. Another little girl with big boobies will come along to replace her, and then what will this girl have? Absolutely nothing of value to the world.