Side chick shows up to wedding: Watch the viral video

Viral video
A side chick showed up to her man’s wedding and it’s now a viral video. Pic credit: @nkokhi/Twitter

Some people will do anything to get what they want — and this clip proves it. It shows a groom’s side chick showing up to his wedding, right as he’s in the process of getting married to his future wife.

While being an older clip, the footage has started going viral once again. In the short video, the groom’s mistress shows up in a wedding dress, causing all sorts of drama in the middle of the wedding.

The real wife-to-be is also in the video but appears to take a backseat, remaining standing at the alter, as the man tries to diffuse the situation.

The clip was first shared last year, and the original tweet it came from appears to indicate that the location it was filmed is Benoni, South Africa.

The wedding was a dramatic one, and the guests may have thought it was a joke, as they can be heard cheering and laughing.

We cannot confirm that the woman was indeed a side chick, but it does appear that she had some form of affiliation to the man. He even puts his hand on her lower back as he tries to lead her away from the crowd, but she turns around and wants her presence to be known.

The man is heard speaking near the end of the video, and his tone of voice indicates that he isn’t too happy about what has transpired.

It’s not known whether the man ended up getting married that day, or if the wife-to-be called it off. Either way, people seem to be finding the footage amusing.

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