Shirtless Mark Wahlberg shows off ripped abs as he gets dressed for the gym

Mark Wahlberg on the red carpet
Mark Wahlberg showed off his amazing muscles at 51 years old. Pic credit: ©

Mark Wahlberg has been showing off his super ripped abs as he got ready for a workout at the gym.

The 51-year-old The Departed actor impressed his fans on Instagram after posting another video of his really fit body.

Wahlberg has been working with fitness company F45 Training and sporting gear business Municipal to promote the former’s gym services and the latter’s clothing.

In Wahlberg’s latest Instagram video, the actor is seen standing by a weight machine with no top on. The middle-aged star seems to be defying age as he sports a perfect six-pack on his torso with super muscly arms.

He very quickly puts on a golf shirt and begins to explain himself. After saying he’s just played golf and done a pre-gym workout, Wahlberg says he will wear his golf shirt to the gym because it’s a “multipurpose shirt.”

Wahlberg says that he could wear the golf shirt to work and jokes, “[I’m] gonna wear it to a movie premiere.”

We then saw a brief clip from an F45 gym with Wahlberg applauding a group of exercisers who’d just completed a workout. The video then sees The Basketball Diaries star outside the gym as he tells his fans all about F45’s best qualities, he calls it “the best workout in the world.”

The Patriots Day star captioned the post by shouting out to Municipal and F45 Training. He wrote, “Best shirt ever made!… best workout on the planet!”

At the time of writing, Wahlberg’s post had picked up a whopping 46,800 likes.

Fans loved Mark Wahlberg with his shirt off

Predictably, the comments section was full of praise for the actor’s fit body with plenty of heart-shaped emojis and fire emojis. One fan joked, “No shirt is better ?.”

Comments on Mark Wahlberg's Instagram page
Pic credit: @markwahlberg/Instagram

Wahlberg is not shy when it comes to taking his shirt off and showing off his washboard abs. Four days ago, he also posted another thirst trap video with his shirt off, where he gave another shoutout to the two fitness companies.

The Hollywood star flexed his muscles and told the camera, “we just killed it. Telling ya, 51, still doing it.”

This post has now picked up nearly 300,000 likes.

Mark Wahlberg has a new movie coming up with Kevin Hart

Wahlberg has a Netflix movie coming out later this month with Kevin Hart.

Me Time stars Hart as a stay-at-home dad who escapes the family for a fun-filled weekend with his old buddy, Wahlberg’s party-hard character. The movie also stars Regina Hall.

Earlier this year, Hart admitted that he didn’t want to work out with Wahlberg despite the odd invitation, he told Ellen DeGeneres that he would worry about getting hurt.

It’s a good thing Wahlberg has such a strong acting career, as earlier this year, he revealed that his kids are “terribly embarrassed” by his former music career as a rapper called Marky Mark.

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