Shanna Moakler stuns braless in silky camisole for sweet dreams

Shanna Moakler on the red carpet for a Miss USA event.
Shanna Moakler stuns in a silky camisole and wishes her fans “sweet dreams.” Pic credit: ©

Shanna Moakler stunned braless in a silky camisole as she wished her fans “sweet dreams.”

The 47-year-old American model and actress gave fans an inside peek into what bedtime looks like for her. She appeared to be all ready for the night as she posed in bed in a sky-blue silk camisole that matched the appearance of the silky pillows behind her head.

Aside from the smooth silk camisole, Moakler kept things simple, leaving her hair hanging loose around her face.

The only noticeable accessories were two bracelets on one wrist.

For the photo, Moakler smiled happily at the camera as she posed with one hand on top of her head.

In addition to wishing her fans “Sweet dreams,” she also posted a caption over her photo that was shared to her Instagram Stories stating that she was “excited for tomorrow.”

Shannah Moakler is ready for tomorrow

While Moakler didn’t specify what warranted her excitement for the next day, she appeared to end her day on a positive note and looked upbeat and ready for what the next day would hold.

Shannah Moakler poses in a silk blue camisole before bed in her Instagram Story
Pic credit: @shannamoakler/Instagram

The former Miss USA likely doesn’t have any lack of things to be excited about as she balances an illustrious career as a model and TV personality. Additionally, she also serves as the Executive Director of both Miss Nevada USA and Miss Utah USA.

Moakler began competing in beauty pageants at the age of 17 when she competed for the Miss Teen USA 1992 title. She would later go on to win the Miss New York USA and the Miss USA titles.

She branched out into acting in the late 1990s, appearing in shows such as Due South and Pacific Blue. Most recently, she appeared on Celebrity Big Brother as a houseguest in 2022.

In addition to her career, Moakler is also a busy mother of three.

She has one daughter, Atiana De La Hoya, from her relationship with a former professional boxer, Oscar de La Hoya, and two children, Landon Asher Barker and Alabama Luella Barker, from her marriage to ex-husband Travis Barker.

Moakler earns criticism over son’s birthday post

Just days before her night-time photo, Moakler took to social media to commemorate her son, Landon’s, 19th birthday.

Initially, she posted a throwback photo of her, Barker, Landon, and Alabama to commemorate the occasion. While most of the reactions were positive and heartwarming, one user criticized her for not posting enough photos of her son, as opposed to the Kardashians, who regularly post their kids.

Moakler ended up deleting the post after the criticism. Moakler’s ex-husband, Barker, is remarried to Kourtney Kardashian, who also shared a sweet tribute to Landon for his birthday.

Despite the criticism, Moakler, in the past, has assured fans that she has a great relationship with her children.

Additionally, she has also stated that she and Barker are happily and effectively co-parenting despite their divorce.

Ultimately, Moakler didn’t seem to take the criticism too deeply as she bounced back with her positive, upbeat night-time Instagram story.

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