Shanna Moakler is glowing for stunning natural glam selfie

Shanna Moakler smiles in glam on the red carpet.
Shanna Moakler shares a Sunday morning selfie in silk. Pic credit: ©

Model Shanna Moakler showed off a natural makeup look this weekend.

On Sunday morning, Shanna snapped a selfie that she shared with her followers.

The American model has gone makeup-free and rocked a natural look for selfies many times before.

Shanna often shares her swimsuit looks and red-carpet outfits on her social media, but she kept it casual today.

The former Miss USA smiled for the camera as she lounged in bed.

Shanna looked gorgeous in a silky black top with spaghetti straps. Her night top was outlined with delicate black lace.

Shanna Moakler enjoys a lazy Sunday in bed

Shanna originally posted the photo on her Instagram Stories before deciding to share a slightly cropped version on her feed.

In the selfie, she ran one hand through her wavy blonde hair. The model wore her long hair down, cascading past her shoulders.

Shana’s arched eyebrows were perfectly done, and it looked like she had a hint of gloss on her lips.

But overall, she kept the glam toned down for more of a natural weekend look.

Shanna captioned the post, “It’s a stay in bed kind of day!” before revealing her to-do list of Sunday chores.

It looked like she got to enjoy some morning relaxation before her busy day of organizing and getting ready for the holidays.

Shanna ended the post by wishing her followers a beautiful day.

Shanna shares her love of lipstick

The former reality star recently had a major weight loss transformation. Now, Shanna is busy looking and staying beautiful and healthy, inside and out.

While she often sports a natural look, the former pageant star admits to having had a love of makeup from a young age.

Growing up doing pageants, it’s no wonder the blonde beauty is interested in makeup. Shanna previously launched a cosmetics line, Smoak Cosmetics, back in 2009. The name of the brand is a combination of both her first and last names.

Smoak exclusively sells lip products, a makeup staple, according to Shanna. A range of lip products is advertised on the site. Everything from subtle nude-colored plumping lipgloss to bright red lipliner is part of the brand.

While most of the inventory is currently sold out, the site is still up and running. There may be hope yet that the beauty queen restocks her beauty line.

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