Shanna Moakler celebrates 20-pound weight loss in her undies

Shanna Moakler attends a poker tournament.
Shanna Moakler went sheer to celebrate her weight loss milestone. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Shanna Moakler was serving up a major look as she stunned fans with a dazzling new photo that showed off her impressive weight loss.

Going with a canary-yellow, sheer lingerie set for her incredible snap, Shanna was glowing and happy as she dominated the screen in her skimpy two-piece.

Standing in what appeared to be her bathroom, Shanna placed both hands on top of her head as her blonde hair cascaded down her shoulders in soft waves.

Her inner arm tattoo was visible as the model and ex-wife of musician Travis Barker gave a pouty, duck face while standing proud and tall.

The yellow, lacy bra sported well-placed flower prints across the bust as a thin strap ran along the bottom.

Matching underwear gave Shanna’s lower curves an extra wow factor as thin straps wrapped around her lower belly while another set of straps wrapped around her hips.

“Down 20! 10 more to go to hit my fitness goal!” she captioned the stunning snap while tagging David Allen Nutrition and adding a link for Bras N Things lingerie company, saying she was “obsessed” with them.

Shanna Moakler credits David Allen Nutrition for her weight loss

Even as far back as nearly three years ago, Shanna was enjoying the benefits of using David Allen Nutrition for conquering her weight.

As reported on Women’s Health, Shanna took to her Instagram page to share her dramatic weight loss with her fans, showing herself at the beginning of her journey with extra pounds around her middle and legs before giving a side-by-side look at her figure after her slim-down.

Admitting that she had gotten plastic surgery in the past to fix her “mommy” body after having three children, Shanna said she then began working with celebrity nutritionist David Allen to get her body on track.

“[David] finally got the hormones out of my system and got me eating properly, he custom makes plans to your blood work!! It’s epic!” she exclaimed about working with the health guru.

Shanna said she had gained at least 40 pounds while taking a certain hormone and David helped her to purge the substance from her system.

She also shared that she used to eat based on her emotional state at a given moment, and David helped break her from the habit and taught her how to eat to give the body energy.

The David Allen website offers a variety of items aimed at helping people tackle their health and weight, with protein powders ranging from $41 to nearly $90, and supplements starting around $29 and going up to almost $70.

Shanna Moakler overcame her fear of weightlifting to get in shape

Shanna eventually added a workout routine to complement her new-found diet plan, saying that she feared using weights before learning how to use them appropriately and safely.

She discovered the Bombshell Fitness News program, which provides a host of online resources aimed at helping people lose weight and find healthier eating patterns.

Shanna also slyly said that her body transformation journey was aided when she “finally got out of a relationship that didn’t empower [her].”

Although she did not detail who she was with at the time, the star was linked to Bryan Sollima not too long before she opened up about taking charge of her life.

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