Shania Twain shows off in thigh-high leopard boots and fishnets

shania twain gorgeous
Shania Twain goes cowgirl and gorgeous in a new post. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Shania Twain showed off her ageless cowgirl appeal in a stunning new share.

The legendary country music star took to her Instagram to share two photos that accompanied a recent photoshoot and interview.

She posted the shots for her 1.8 million followers and expressed excitement over the new photos in the caption.

Although Shania detailed struggles, including losing her voice temporarily, she appeared fierce and strong in the photos.

The pictures showed Shania with a white cowboy hat and flowing white gown.

Shania strutted her stuff in a retro hallway with polished wood and cream-colored walls as she showed a little attitude on the outfit’s lower half.

Shania Twain goes cowgirl in white dress and fishnets

The first photo showed Shania with one hand on the wall and the other atop her hat.

She wore a white dress with dramatic sleeves and buttons on the front. The gown touched the floor and trailed behind her as she placed one foot in front of the other to reveal thigh-high leopard boots with fishnet stockings underneath.

Shania’s beautiful light brown locks featured soft waves, and she tucked her tresses underneath the larger-than-life hat.

Shania wore dangling silver earrings and a choker necklace with the outfit. She also sported smoky eye makeup and a glossy pout.

The second shot also showed some movement as Shania reversed to reveal the detailed waist with rhinestone embellishments adding a feminine touch to the look.

Her caption read, “I loved this shoot so much!! 🥰⁠.”

She also added a list of the team members who helped to get her camera ready. The team included her photographer, stylist, manicurist, makeup artist, set designer, and photo director.

Shania also shouted out Bustle, the publication that made her photoshoot possible. As fans of Shania may know, she dealt with an illness that jeopardized her voice completely.

Shania Twain talks return to music

Shania Twain has endured many hardships, but dysphonia, which caused her vocal cord to seize up and sound hoarse, was incredibly challenging.

Shania told Bustle about her harrowing experiences, including an open throat surgery in 2019.

She divulged, “I don’t think I’ll ever meet a challenge like that again.”

And while Shania’s voice returned, she acknowledged that things had changed.

She revealed, “I’ve had to relearn my voice in a lot of ways because there are a lot of different elements to it that I didn’t even have before, that I play on and that I enjoy.”

In fact, the country-pop crooner has described herself as stronger than ever.

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