Shakira sings I Might Kill My Ex while mopping the floor alone on Valentine’s Day

Shakira is captured walking around New York.
Shakira celebrated Valentine’s Day in an epic way as she continues to work through her contentious split from her ex. Pic credit: © Shaul/Acepixs

Shakira looked to be thoroughly enjoying her own version of Valentine’s Day as she continues to acclimate to the single life following her public split from her longtime beau and father of their two sons Gerard Piqué last summer.

The 46-year-old singer of hits such as Hips Don’t Lie and Whenever, Wherever appeared to be reveling in some solo time on love day as she not-so-subtly shared with fans just what she might like to do to her ex.

The couple shocked the world when they announced they were breaking up after spending 11 years together, and it didn’t take long for rumors to spread that Shakira had discovered the soccer star had been cheating on her.

Since then, the singer has seemed to be taking her newly-found single life in stride and has moved on with grace while also making sure to drop hints that she is processing the alleged betrayal in her own way.

Taking to her social media page today, Shakira broke up the typical Valentine’s Day threads as she celebrated the day alone while clearly getting out her feelings for a vengeance-filled cleaning session.

Looking as stunning as always and much younger than halfway to 50 years old, Shakira could be seen casually sweeping a mop back and forth across her kitchen floor in a short video clip.

The songstress was a vision as she gazed at the lens and idly moved the apparatus around, with her figure adorned in a matching all-black ensemble.

Spiky black-heeled boots decorated her feet, helping make the demure 5-foot-2-inch star look a little taller and pantaloons stylishly bunched in a ruched style into the top of each shoe.

Shakira sings along to I Might Kill My Ex for vengeance Valentine’s Day post

For her upper body attire, Shakira stuck with the same hue as the rest of her outfit, rocking a silken black blouse that showed off a lacy black bra underneath.

Shakira’s strawberry-blonde locks looked freshly tended as each strand was flawlessly sleek and straight for a switch from her natural curls.

The singer kept her eyes locked on the screen as she effortlessly skated around the aisle between the counter and inset ovens, and she played a very pointed song as she cleaned.

The Kill Bill: I Might Kill My Ex song by SZA could be heard playing over the clip, with Shakira captioning the post in Spanish.

The translation on Instagram of the post read, “For those who say he doesn’t know how to trap, I remind you that in his song with Bizarrap he trapezed EL PISO with Don Pique… and it was shiny on him 😉”

Although the rough translation of her post might have left some fans wondering what she was talking about, comments to her post proved otherwise and showed that Shakira retains a very devoted following.

“Shaki sending very direct hints,” suggested one person, and others joined in with their two cents, adding, “🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 There’s a wolf back and we’re loving this 😍,” and “The trapper drier than the heart of the pique.”

Fans slam Shakira's ex and send her support for her recent post.
Fans react to Shakira’s latest post. Pic credit: @shakira/Instagram
A fan suggests Shakira was aiming her recent post at her ex.
A fan suggests Shakira’s post was aimed at her ex. Pic credit: @shakira/Instagram

While Shakira continues to go through her own version of revenge following her split, one thing is for certain: the singer has not let her breakup impact her health and wellness as the star keeps slaying and looking as svelte as ever.

Shakira’s trainer shares the singer’s 6-day workout routine

Back when Shakira was prepping to headline the 2020 Super Bowl, the singer had amped up her exercise routine to get extra fit for her time on stage.

However, as detailed by Shakira’s trainer Anna Kaiser to E! News, the singer’s extra time in the gym was not altogether unusual for her, with Anna sharing that Shakira puts a lot of time and effort into staying fit and strong.

“[A couple of days ago] we did a full hour and a half dance interval workout so she could really get a good sweat in, [a] good cardio session in, and then focus more on music production,” Anna shared.

“The workouts I’m doing with her, I’m programming into the studio content, so, literally, everyone is doing the exact same workouts that she’s doing.”

 Anna detailed that she gives Shakira a series of moves to perform, employing the use of bands, HIIT intervals, and dancing to kick up the volume and work up a sweat.

While Anna said Shakira always allows herself a day off, she explained that the singer rarely takes more than that and is fiercely dedicated to devoting the other six days to burning off the calories.

Mostly, Anna explained, exercise is all about showing up, even if it means putting in a minimal 15 minutes of time.

“If you can only show up and do 15 minutes, do 15 minutes. If you have the time and energy to do an hour and a half, do an hour and a half,” she encouraged readers.

“[Shakira] is committed to that as well. Showing up, making sure it happens. It’s also not a short-term fix. We’ve been working together for nine years—this is a commitment to fitness and wellness.” 

Aside from sticking to a near-daily workout regime, Anna said when Shakira is preparing for big events such as the Super Bowl or a show, she urges the star to stay away from sugar and no dairy, focusing on eating lean proteins and lots of veggies.

Breakfast might consist of eggs, tomatoes, and avocado, while lunch centers around fish and either fresh veggies or a salad.

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