Shakira shares new dance video in response to viral song

Shakira's face pictured close up
Shakira has seen great success thanks to her new song and now she joined the viral dance craze with a delightful share. Pic credit: ©

Shakira has continued to celebrate her latest success after landing at the top of another chart, thanks to her recent collaboration with a young Argentinian DJ.

As Monsters and Critics reported, Shakira has been promoting her most recent musical endeavors since last week. 

First, she shared a mysterious teaser that definitely excited fans because of the South American collaboration and meeting of musical styles. As Shakira and DJ Bizarrap revealed in a joint social media post, the Argentinian sensation teamed up with the Colombian hitmaker to create beautiful music. 

Next, Bizarrap and Shakira dropped the track, Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53, which quickly went to the top of the Spotify charts. Fans were clearly pleased with the mixture of Bizarrap’s trap influences and Shakira’s pop vocals with Latin American energy.

Unsurprisingly, the new bop inspired a flurry of TikToks and IG Stories, with short dances to the song.

Shakira joined in on the viral trend with delightful results.

Shakira delivers her own viral dance to a new song

Shakira revealed in a caption accompanying the video that she loved the content and dances she had seen featuring her song.

Accordingly, she decided to make a video of her own, inspired by a dance she saw.

The Colombian singer looked gorgeous in a dance studio with three other dancers forming a circle. Each dancer took a turn in the center before rotating to a different position while continuing the dance. As each lady entered the center, she completed a different part of the viral dance.

Shakira looked beautiful in a black crop top with long sleeves and a cutout on the bodice. She wore comfy yet fashionable track pants that allowed her to move freely. Her long light-brown hair was straight, with her bangs clipped back stylishly.

The Hips Don’t Lie singer has shown love for dancing over the years, so her willingness to jump on her song wasn’t surprising. 

Shakira’s dancing workout

In fact, Shakira’s trainer has revealed that dancing played an integral role in keeping the singer’s body fit.

Shakira’s longtime trainer, Anna Kaiser, got the singer ready for the 2020 Super Bowl performance, which she shared with Jennifer Lopez. 

Anna told Shape that Shakira did “45 minutes of muscular endurance” on some days or “barre meets Pilates meets core conditioning” on others.

Anna also said she turned up the intensity before the Super Bowl, but that dancing has always played a big part in Shakira’s workout routine.

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