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Serena Williams stuns in braless slip dress for Vogue as she announces retirement

Serena Williams close up
Serena Williams looks incredible in a new Vogue photo shoot where she shows off her toned physique in a daring slip dress. Pic credit: ©

Serena Williams just made a big announcement about her future but she made sure to do it with style.

Going out “on her own terms and in her own words,” Serena made her big declaration in the pages of Vogue. But you don’t just write an op-ed for Vogue without doing a photoshoot too, and she did just that.

Taking to Instagram to share her images with her 15.1 million followers, Serena posted three breathtaking images that summed her up perfectly — elegant, successful, and strong.

In the first of the impressive Vogue photos, Serena was standing back against a rock. Her hair was worn down and in curls, which blew with the wind. She kept her look elegant and simple as she wore nothing but a white slip dress and dangly earrings, showing off the curves of a woman who trains hard.

In the second photo, Serena wore another slip dress, this time it was fitted at the waist and featured gauzy panels that formed a handkerchief-hem skirt. With a big smile on her face, Serena had one hand in the air as if to signal victory.

The third and final photo showed off the tennis star’s strength. With a view from the back, Serena raised both arms, showing off sculpted arms and a toned back in a white fitted dress that dipped low in the back with the train of the dress wrapping down and around her to one side.

One thing is for sure, Serena Williams is a vibe.

Serena Williams is ready to move on from professional tennis

In Serena Williams’ retirement announcement, she revealed the reasons why she decided that it was finally time to walk away from professional tennis and it’s clear that it was a very emotional decision for her.

After all, athletes at her level don’t typically quit at the top of their game. However, when you are a woman who wants to build a family, there’s only so much time that you have to do that.

She even admitted that it was really hard to talk about. So much so that Serena only had talked about retirement with her therapist, avoiding the subject when it came to her husband, Alexis Ohanian, or her parents.

It’s pretty clear that it was a very difficult decision and what it really came down to was her daughter, Olympia, and Serena’s desire to continue growing her family, a mission that is so much harder to accomplish while training and competing at her level.

She told the story about how she decided when it was time to step back in this Vogue article, in her own words.

Serena Williams opened up about her near-death experience

Perhaps part of the reason Serena Williams decided to walk away from her sport in order to focus on her family was that her last birth experience was nothing short of traumatic.

After a lengthy labor, it was decided that Serena would have to have an emergency C-section in order to get Olympia out safely, something she didn’t see coming.

But it was after the fact that Serena was forced to take her health into her own hands and to make sure the medical staff was taking care of her in the best way possible.

Due to previous medical issues, Serena was worried about getting blood clots in her lungs, something that she says the nursing staff brushed off. Even when she asked specifically for a CAT scan and heparin drip, the tennis pro said that the nurses laughed her off, telling her that the medicine she’d already taken must be “making her crazy.”

But Serena didn’t give in and thank goodness for that. Because when the doctor finally listened and ordered that scan she insisted on, they found that she did, in fact, have a blood clot in her lung that would need to be broken up before it reached her heart and killed her.

“I wasn’t coughing for nothing; I was coughing because I had an embolism, a clot in one of my arteries. The doctors would also discover a hematoma, a collection of blood outside the blood vessels, in my abdomen, then even more clots that had to be kept from traveling to my lungs,” Serena explained.

Due to her near-death experience, Serena Williams has become an advocate for Black women, speaking out about the gap in quality healthcare compared to her white counterparts as she seeks to bring awareness and to make sure that nothing like this happens to her again.