Selfmade Kash arrested: Detroit rapper Jonathan Woods ‘promoted credit card fraud on Instagram’

Selfmade Kash
Selfmade Kash in his music video for “Made Goaty,” a Tupac remake. Pic credit: Selfmade Kash #HDTV/YouTube

Detroit rapper Jonathan Woods, otherwise known as Selfmade Kash, has made quite a name for himself on social media. The rapper regularly posted videos and pictures of himself with stacks of cash and credit card skimmers.

Those who follow the rapper on social media weren’t surprised when he as indicted this week on charges of fraud and identity theft. Woods has been promoting his alleged activities through his social media and his music for quite a long time.

Selfmade Kash’s social media presence

Jonathan Woods created the whole “Selfmade Kash” persona on the idea of money and scamming. The 25-year-old rapper referred to himself as “the greatest ‘swiper’ of all time,” while flashing large amounts of money.

Aside from flaunting a lot of cash, Woods wore a gold chain of a credit card as well. The chain was the centerpiece of the Selfmade Kash persona.

There is always a possibility that the money and the chain were all just for show, just part of the fun of being a rapper. The songs released under Selfmade Kash frequently talked about swiping. Woods even states in one song that “I know one day the feds gonna come pick me up.”

For the sake of public appearances or not, a lot of these songs and social media posts seemingly only made it that much easier for Jonathan Woods to be indicted.

The details of his indictment

Jonathan Woods was arrested in Ohio on Wednesday during a traffic stop. The rapper reportedly had an outstanding warrant in Detroit, where he was facing charges of running a business scheme where he taught people how to steal credit cards and commit identity theft, for a price. According to the Detroit Free Press, Woods wasn’t shy about his alleged scamming scheme.

Woods bragging about his apparent endeavors on social media didn’t work in his favor during his indictment. The indictment reads, “Woods frequently posts pictures and videos on Twitter and Instagram containing large amounts of money, credit cards and credit card skimmers to promote his proclivity for credit card fraud.”

The indictment also noted that Woods seemed to think he was very good at at credit card fraud, but alleges that he really wasn’t that impressive.

As of Thursday, the court had not decided whether to grant Woods bond or not, expressing concern over the rapper leaving. Making the case worse, Woods is said to have told authorities he lived with his mother in Detroit, but his mother said that he lives in Ohio.

Fans can’t wait to see what will happen next in Selfmade Kash’s case — but whether he’ll lay low for a while remains to be seen.

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