Selena Gomez shares makeup-free selfie highlighting natural beauty

Selena Gomez face
Selena Gomez is a Rare Beauty. Pic credit: © Hasegawa/HollywoodNewsWire

Selena Gomez has never been afraid of getting vulnerable with her fans, and yesterday, she nearly broke the internet with a brave statement.

The Wizards of Waverly Place star has been open with her life, including mental health struggles and her courageous battle with lupus. The Disney alum has used her enormous platform to launch a beauty brand, Rare Beauty, with a proceed of profits benefiting noble causes.

On the social media front, Selena has amassed an incredible 398 million Instagram followers, and it is easy to see why.

Selena’s latest post included a two-part Instagram carousel with the bare-faced beauty exhibiting bravery without makeup.

While going makeup-free might be a regular occurrence for many, it simply hits differently when someone like Selena does the same.

As a public figure, Selena’s every move has the potential for scrutiny, so her bold statement was quite powerful. And it seems that fans agreed, leaving the beautiful actress an incredible 18.2 million likes, making it one of her most popular posts to date.

Selena Gomez captivates with a vulnerable and raw social media share

The first image showed Selena in selfie mode as she looked at the camera with a stoic face. She wore a black undergarment top, which was slightly visible in the image.

But the most notable thing about the picture was that Selena didn’t have an ounce of makeup on her famous face. She did, however, have a natural glow as she posed from the comfort of her home.

Selena’s hair was long and luscious, with natural waves cascading past her shoulders.

In the second picture, Selena made a funny face. She scrunched her nose slightly and smiled, showing a bit of humor and adding a lightheartedness to the vulnerable moment. The background was the same as the first image, with natural light shining through the window.

Selena’s caption read, “Violet chemistry.”

The former Barney star showed the duality of her personality as a makeup mogul who can also rock a fresh face.

Selena Gomez launches Rare Beauty and Rare Impact Fund

Selena founded Rare Beauty in 2020, a makeup brand with an important message. She spoke with Glamour and discussed her burgeoning beauty brand and the company ethos.

Selena said, “My hope with Rare Beauty is that we have open conversations around beauty and mental health and can change the industry by breaking down unrealistic standards of beauty together.”

As Selena revealed in the interview, she created a charity with a Rare Beauty name called the Rare Impact Fund.

She continued, “That’s why launching Rare Impact alongside the brand was so important to me.”

Just last month, Selena and her Rare Impact team announced a new cohort of grantees who received money for their contributions to society and the destigmatization of mental health.

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