Selena Gomez reveals her ‘girl crush’ with stunning shot

Close-up of Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez arrives at the 27th Annual Critics’ Choice Awards in March 2022. Pic credit: © Collin/ImagePressAgency

Selena Gomez surprised her fans with an admission of who her celebrity girl crush is this week.

The Only Murders in the Building actress shared a photo to her Instagram Story of Bella Hadid wearing an embellished dress while she stared seductively into the camera and wrote “#girlcrush. “

Fans of both may have found this behavior odd as Selena and Bella reportedly had some beef since they both previously dated The Weeknd.

Bella dated the Blinding Lights singer between 2015 – 2016 and he ended up dating Selena for 10 months shortly after they split.

When the news of their relationship broke, Bella unfollowed Selena on social media, and Selena then did the same. However, when The Weeknd and Selena split in 2017, he went back to Bella again and the pair were together until 2019.

Not only did Selena share the photo of Bella, but she also went one step further…

Bella Hadid sitting down wearing an embellished gown
Selena Gomez shares a photo of Bella Hadid. Pic credit: @selenagomez/Instagram

Selena Gomez shares Bella Hadid lip sync

Not content with just posting her girl crush photo, Selena also shared a now-deleted video on her TikTok story which showed her using a beautifying filter and lip-syncing to Bella’s voice saying, “So, my name is Bella Hadid.”

She wrote text on the video saying, “I wish I was as pretty as Bella Hadid.”

In the next story, Selena appeared with the filter removed saying, “Instead, this is me. I accidentally laminated my brows too much. My name…is Selena Gomez. See, it doesn’t even sound sexy!”

Perhaps Selena is trying to show there are no hard feelings between the pair after she also publicly reconciled with Hailey Bieber at the end of last year.

Selena Gomez’ trainer shares her workout tips

Selena shouldn’t have to compare herself to the model, as she is gorgeous and works hard to keep herself in shape.

Selena’s personal trainer of six years, Amy Rosoff Davis, shared her workout method in an interview with Byrdie in August 2021.

She revealed that she puts the actress through a strict routine of stretching, core, and cardio and loves to mix up their workouts to avoid boredom.

She said, “[Selena and I] do everything from Pilates to hiking to dance cardio to circuit training to yoga and Spinning—the list goes on.”

When she’s not exercising with Amy, Selena revealed in a 2021 interview with Marie Claire that she enjoys following workout videos on YouTube, “I don’t love working out, but I find myself going on YouTube and doing workout videos—anything from old-school workout videos to more current ones.”

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