Selena Gomez meets up with the Beckhams in Cabo to celebrate the new year

Selena Gomez smiles into the camera.
Selena Gomez was stunning in a white dress. Pic credit: ©

Selena Gomez celebrated the new year in a white sundress with her friends.

The white dress featured a square neckline that complemented her amazing figure. It flowed down in the wind and cropped at her thighs, which showed off her legs.

Selena wore her dark hair back in a bun and away from her beautiful face. Her makeup was natural and perfect for a fun-filled day under the sun.

The American singer frolicked happily in the sand with her arms spread on either side of her body to keep her balance as she ran. Selena was surrounded by soft white sands, which she effortlessly ran on.

The star’s overall look was carefree, gorgeous, and whimsical.

She was spotted on the coast of Cabo, and luckily she shared some more photos of the adventure on her Instagram, so her 367 million followers could get a better glimpse into the start of her new year.

Selena Gomez runs in a white dress.
Selena Gomez was radiant in white. Pic credit: HEM/BACKGRID

Selena Gomez was all smiles for 2023

Selena captioned the post of her New Year’s beach adventure, “New Years dump part 1.” Her fans were clearly excited to see the series of photos, as it earned far over 6 million likes and was flooded with over 16,000 comments.

The actress sported the same pretty white sundress and was absolutely glowing as she posed with her friends. They surrounded her in beach attire and with happy faces.

Her photos showed off the beach even more, including the clear blue sky and the turquoise ocean. The group of friends seemed to have a lovely time and even played a game of Jenga.

Selena Gomez is stunning in Sephora products

Selena may have rocked a minimal makeup look on New Year’s, but that doesn’t mean she can’t turn it up when the time is right. The 30-year-old producer was absolutely breathtaking in Sephora makeup for a promotion with the makeup brand.

Her makeup had the classic “clean-girl” aesthetic, with her flawless complexion and radiant skin. The contour and highlights accentuated the gorgeous structure of her face.

Her brows were perfectly defined, the glittery gold eyeshadow was lovely, her lips were pink and glossed, and her mascara sent her long eyelashes up to the sky.

Sephora sells a variety of high-end makeup, and Selena absolutely nailed using its products to their fullest potential.

She included in her caption, “Meet my new Positive Light Under Eye Brightener. This super lightweight formula instantly brightens, hydrates, and awakes your under eyes. You can wear it on its own or layer it over your concealer for an extra brightening effect.”

The jaw-dropping post earned well over 2,000,000 likes and over 12,000 comments.

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