Selena Gomez claims she’s ‘lucky to be alive’ in My Mind and Me documentary trailer

Selena Gomez close up
Selena Gomez dropped the new trailer for her emotional documentary My Mind and Me. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Selena Gomez’s documentary My Mind and Me will premiere on November 4 on Apple TV+ and will detail her struggles with depression, anxiety, and Lupus over the last six years.

The entire trailer is heavy, emotional, and downright raw, featuring the actress and singer going through various phases of her life, including hospital stays juxtaposed against her onstage presence.

The trailer begins with the Only Murders in the Building actress looking out a car window as intense piano music begins to play, giving viewers the feeling of the heaviness that is about to take place.

As if she’s talking to herself, Selena says in a voiceover, “Just be who you are Selena.”

It continues with scenes from her childhood, as well as clips of her rehearsing and getting her makeup done. “No one cares what you’re doing. It’s about who I am. Being okay with where I am,” she says.

At that point, the trailer takes a more inspirational turn, as the singer is seen onstage looking happy and comfortable in her own skin.

Selena Gomez details her struggles with Lupus and depression in new documentary trailer

In one of the more introspective points in the trailer, Selena is seen in bed with bags under her eyes, clearly exhausted. She goes to the window and opens the curtains, saying in a voiceover, “I am grateful to be alive.”

Shots of Selena onstage are interwoven between scenes of her in the hospital, which give the feeling of someone who is famous yet hiding a darker reality behind the scenes. Voiceovers from various news stations play, revealing the singer had been diagnosed with Lupus, while some are speculating she had a mental breakdown.

Selena is later seen traveling to various places and sweetly drops in on an old friend who tells her daughter, “Yes she’s real. Mommy went to school with her!”

At the end of the trailer, Selena is seen laying down and smiling, saying in a voiceover, “I know this is the beginning for me.”

The inspirational trailer was released on Monday, to coincide with World Mental Health Day.

Hailey Bieber set the record straight on her rumored affair with Selena’s ex Justin Bieber

Many fans may have been hoping to see or hear about Selena’s past relationship with Justin Bieber, which would have partly taken place during the last six years of filming the documentary.

However, it focused entirely on Selena and her fight to overcome her physical and mental struggles.

Justin’s wife Hailey Bieber, who was accused of coming in between Justin and Selena while they were still dating, recently spoke on the Call Her Daddy podcast.

She set the record straight, telling host Alex Cooper that she and Justin were never hooking up while he was still dating Selena. She claimed that she was not raised to do something like that and it’s simply not in her character.

Clearly wanting to put a stop to all the rumors entirely, Hailey said, “I can say, period, point blank, I was never with him when he was in a relationship with anybody — that’s the end of it.”

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