See Nastia Liukin’s stunning Alice in Wonderland birthday leotard

Nastia Liukin stuns in her Alice in Wonderland attire
Nastia Liukin celebrates another year around the sun in the most stunning ensemble. Pic credit: ©

Nastia Liukin brought her fans down the rabbit hole for birthday fun as she celebrated in a full Alice in Wonderland ensemble.

Not only did Nastia execute the appearance of Alice perfectly, but her whole birthday bash was also inspired by the original Lewis Carroll classic.

The 33-year-old Olympic athlete also incorporated her love for gymnastics in the fit as she styled in a flashy blue leotard.

The leotard was the perfect fit for the athlete as she undeniably looked stunning in her glitzy outfit while accentuating her flawless physique.

The gymnast appeared to have the time of her life as she smiled and laughed, surrounded by her partner and close friends.

Nastia was kind enough to share her special moment with her one million Instagram followers as she treated them with a collage of epic photos.

Nastia Liukin takes a trip down the rabbit hole

Nastia certainly went all out this year for her birthday, as she was surrounded by Alice in Wonderland-themed decor and costumes.

In her most recent posts, the gymnast was captured wearing a low-cut, baby-blue leotard which was embellished with sparkling gems. The leotard featured a piece of black and white ruffled fabric that sat on each of her elbows, along with a black and white checkered belt that held up a hand-made skirt.

The attached skirt was impeccable and was a piece of artwork all in itself. The first layer of the garment featured an array of large gems, mushroom charms, and pocket watches that dangled below the hips.

The second layer incorporated a bundle of sticks intertwined with one another as Alice-themed playing cards were scattered in the midst of it. The last layer was filled with beautiful red roses wrapped around her entire body.

She wore two different black and white patterned stockings and glitzy diamond heels, which complemented the rest of the quirky but still beautiful outfit.

Nastia pulled her blonde hair back into a ponytail for the occasion as she added a black bowtie on the top of her head.

Her makeup was immaculate as she wore a shimmery eyeshadow across her lids, paired with lengthy, lavish lashes. She added blush and bronzer to her cheeks and finalized her appearance with a bold, red lip.

Nastia Liukin creates The Muse Collective community

In another recent post, the gymnast shared a collection of photos in which she gave her fans a little insight into her life as of lately.

In the caption, she mentions the new inspiring community she created called The Muse Collective.

Nastia expressed that The Muse Collective is a space to inspire the next generation of women to live their best lives.

In the second slide, the athlete is spotted on the phone in front of a bookshelf in the studio.

Nastia looked to be working and brainstorming some ideas as a little piece of sun shined through the window and onto the bookshelf, giving the picture a peaceful and relaxing setting.

It goes without saying that not only is Nastia a well-respected gymnast, but her goal to uplift younger women further is rather inspiring and truly memorable.

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