Scout Willis shows off new underwear before going to the gym

Scout Willis poses as Comedy Central's Roast of Bruce Willis
Scout Willis showed off her new white underwear before heading to the gym for the day. Pic credit: © Sadou/AdMedia

Scout Willis looked dazzling as she showed off her new white underwear while arching her back before heading to the gym.

The 31-year-old singer wore a pearly white bra with matching white underwear. The matching pieces are part of the Poppy Undies collection.

Willis’ underwear set was plain white but rimmed with some delicate embroidery.

She captured the image in her bathroom, arching her back and showing off her long legs and toned midriff.

Her long dark hair hung in wet locks covering the majority of her face as she leaned on the bathroom sink.

She posed with one hand placed on her head, exposing the various tattoos on her arms, including a tiny star.

Scout Willis showed off undies before hitting the gym

Willis also hit up the gym, which she called “heaven on earth,” but not before sharing her new underwear with her followers.

Scout Willis arches her back to show off new underwear
Pic credit: @scoutlaruewillis/Instagram

Willis marveled over how her day had become one of “exquisite self care” between wearing soft, white new underwear and getting some exercise in at the gym.

Scout Willis heads to the gym during a day of self care
Pic credit: @scoutlaruewillis/Instagram

Willis has certainly earned a day of self-care as she tends to keep busy with her music career.

After earning a few credits in acting, she has turned predominantly to music in recent years. She even released her debut self-titled album in 2022.

Willis has been working on earning a name for herself after being practically born into fame. Her father is American actor and action star Bruce Willis, while her mother is American actress and General Hospital star Demi Moore.

While Willis ultimately didn’t follow in her parent’s footsteps and become an actress, she is doing quite well forging her own path as she balances her music career and days at the gym.

Willis set off on a new fitness journey

It isn’t surprising to see Willis hitting the gym as she has been very open about embarking on a fitness journey.

Several weeks ago, she took to Instagram to share a picture highlighting her abs to mark how she looked before she started working out with EMS studio. She called the photo “vulnerable” as it was a raw and candid shot of herself.

Scout Willis Highlights abs in Instagram Story
Pic credit: @scoutlaruewillis/Instagram

Despite it being a vulnerable moment, Willis expressed enthusiasm and eagerness to get started with EMS studio.

She has continued to share her progress with her followers, and her referring to the gym as “heaven on earth” suggests she is enjoying her time there immensely.

On October 14, 2022, she shared her first “after” photos after one week and two sessions with EMS Studio.

Scout Willis shares workout before and after photos
Pic credit: @scoutlaruewillis/Instagram

Willis is working hard and making progress, as well as confirming that she is enjoying her new fitness journey.

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