Scout Willis loses her robe to dance around in sparkly underwear

Scout Willis at a premiere.
Scout Willis strutted her stuff as she took off her cape and showed off her underwear for the Halloween competition. Pic credit: © 

Scout Willis seemed to be having a great time as she joined the throngs of other celebs who gave Halloween their all this year. 

The 31-year-old offspring of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis got into the holiday spirit as she rocked a silvery ensemble for an apparent costume contest, though Scout did not elaborate on the nature of the event or the exact whereabouts. 

Seen in a brief video clip, Scout first stood with her back to the camera, sporting a lengthy cape and ankle-length skirt. 

The outfit seemed average enough from behind until the young star turned around to show off what looked like a matching, skin-baring bustier. 

She then upped the ante several notches as she expertly undid her robe’s clasp and tossed it to the side to show the crowd that she was, in fact, wearing just a silvery bra underneath. 

Scout quickly went to untie her skirt string in one final sweep to reveal her tiny underwear and a tasseled belt dangling from around her hips. 

Scout Willis shimmies in her underwear for Halloween

Scout seemed to have the group before her in awe as she shimmied her way out of her clothes and left them on the floor, shaking her hips to show off the hanging, silver shreds that hung under her belly button. 

The former actress, who starred alongside both her mom and dad respectively in the 90s and early 2000s, captioned her clip saying, “Guess who won the costume contest?” before adding a shocked kitten emoji. 

Donning a large, silver star on her head and matching silver-tasseled elbow gloves on her arms, Scout gave the crowd a thrill as she spun around while jiggling her hips for a full effect. 

Stepping carefully while wearing her silver high heels, Scout then cut to a clip of herself taking her outfit to the streets where she continued to bounce and shake her way along the sidewalk before breaking into laughter. 

Scout Willis starts up fashion brand Scout’s General

Clearly adept at rocking a variety of wear while also proving that she isn’t afraid to go without clothing of any kind, it’s fitting that the daughter of Hollywood royalty would find herself somewhere in the spotlight of her own making. 

Scout founded her own fashion brand several years ago, naming her clothing label Scout’s General. 

“I wanted to make something for when you’re running half an hour late, and you want to cry because everything you try on makes you feel worse, and it keeps getting later and later,” Scout said of her creation, as reported by Yahoo! News

“These are the pieces in the back of your closet that you know will make you feel beautiful, sexy, and effortless.” 

Admitting that she was fortunate to have grown up in the lap of luxury with two A-lister parents, Scout said she aimed to ensure that she did not take her privilege for granted and wanted a hands-on experience with her brand. 

“I’m not a celebrity who is like, ‘I’m going to collaborate on this line.’ I’m the one driving downtown to the factory.” 

Scout’s youngest sister, Tallulah, has also dabbled in the world of fashion, having started up her own vintage-themed brand a couple of years ago. 

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