Scout Willis highlights abs in ‘vulnerable’ moment

Scout Willis at a red carpet event
Scout Willis highlights her abs in a “vulnerable” moment. Pic credit: ©

Scout Willis showed her abs in a few photos in what she candidly described as a “vulnerable” moment for her.

In a caption, she explained that she might be the only one considering the photos vulnerable, as they reflect a personal experiment for her.

In the photos, the 31-year-old actress opted not to show her face. Instead, Willis showed her body from her shoulders to just above her knees.

Her pictures captured her from the front, as well as from the side, particularly highlighting her abs.

Willis wore simple black shorts and a long-sleeved black shirt in the pictures.

One photo gave viewers a peek at the small, diamond-shaped tattoo just below her sternum.

Scout Willis highlighted abs in ‘vulnerable’ pictures

Willis explained to her followers via captions over the photos that she was conducting a human experiment for herself. It was an experiment for her because she was sharing photos in which she wasn’t perfectly posed.

Scout Willis highlights abs in Instagram Story
Pic credit: @scoutlaruewillis/Instagram

She even detailed deleting them three times before she finally went through with posting the candid photos.

scout Willis highlights abs in Instagram Story
Pic credit: @scoutlaruewillis/Instagram

However, they do serve a purpose in that they mark the first day in her training montage with EMS Studio. EMS Studio is a fitness center, and Willis appears to be tracking her progress as she participates in their fitness program.

Scout Willis Highlights abs in Instagram Story
Pic credit: @scoutlaruewillis/Instagram

While not everyone will understand it, Willis’ photos make a good point about the struggles and pressures of social media. It is not easy for many users to post candid images due to the desire to present themselves perfectly on social media.

However, Willis challenged herself to post the pictures and take her fitness into her own hands.

Her post also indicated she will post more similar photos as she tracks her progress with EMS Studio.

Willis embraced change with her music career and fitness challenge

Willis’ latest Instagram photos and her recent career shift show that the actress and singer isn’t afraid of change. Instead, she seems to challenge herself to try new things.

In addition to testing out posting different photos and trying EMS Studio, Willis also recently launched her singing career.

Willis is best known for being the daughter of American actor Bruce Willis, who rose to fame for his appearance in numerous action flicks, and American actress Demi Moore, who was an acclaimed actress in the 1980s and 90s known for her roles in St. Elmo’s Fire, A Few Good Men, and The Scarlet Letter.

Initially, Willis had started to follow in her parents’ footsteps with acting. Willis has several acting credits to her name, such as her roles in Bandits and The Scarlet Letter, where she appeared alongside her mom.

However, she recently switched gears and has begun to focus predominantly on music. In 2021 she released a single, Love Without Possession, and in 2022 she released her first self-titled album.

Similar to her photo, Willis expressed fear of sharing her work as an artist. However, she continues to tackle her fears head-on as she captures her vulnerable moments and continues exploring her music career.

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