Scout LaRue Willis reveals her unique taste in fashion in latest photo dump

Scout Willis poses for a selfie at home.
Scout Willis showed off her taste in fashion with a fun photo dump. Pic credit: @scoutlaruewillis/Instagram

Scout Willis took time out of her newfound musical career to post a fun new set of photos to her social media page while giving fans a glimpse at her unique fashion sense and style.

The 31-year-old daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore got busy sharing an epic ten-photo series with her followers, including one alongside her dad.

Starting off with a photo next to the Die Hard actor, Scout wore a black beanie on her head, her long locks hanging loosely around her shoulders.

An undone yellow-and-black-checkered jacket adorned her torso as a white t-shirt with a green-faced swamp creature peeked out from between the open buttons.

Fun pants completed the funky look, with splashes of swirly, black lines running down the length of each leg.

For his part, Bruce donned a stylish cap on his head and wore a grayish-blue puffer coat on top of a black-and-white-striped shirt.

Scout gave a better look at her ensemble in her second shot, posing for a far-away mirror selfie.

The next pic showed Scout in her musical element as she smiled at the lens while leaning over her guitar, going with a flowy blouse for her upper body attire.

Scout Willis shows off her flirty style in new photo series

Scout gave fans a closer look at her first style choice, spreading her arms wide so that the green creature was more evident on her shirt.

Next, after showing a cute snap of her sleeping pup, Scout went with what looked like an exercise pic as she wore a loose, gray shirt that dipped low along the underarms and knotted up on both sides of her abdomen. Spandex pants finished off her lower half.

The former actress, who starred in a handful of her mom and dad’s films in the 90s, next showed fans her casual chic style, cropping her head out of frame while wearing a fun, soft-looking minidress that capped off around her thighs.

A chunky black belt ran around her middle, and a brown coat rested around her torso.

Scout’s third-to-last snap was a more glamorous vibe, with Scout showing off smooth skin in a partially undone, button-down shirt. A sparkly necklace, possibly made of either diamonds or crystals, encircled her neck and hung low around her clavicle.

The star then posted a shot that looked to be captured by paparazzi, with Scout turning her head away to look into the distance as she gripped a bundle of toilet paper in her hand, a grocery bag slung over her shoulder.

Her outfit of choice for her shopping adventure consisted of a fun top that dipped down along her chest to culminate in a small clasp before opening up again so that her bare belly showed. A red sweater jacket kept her mostly covered, save for the open front, and cozy-looking sweatpants concealed her legs.

Scout’s final pic showed her with her dad again as the pair cozied up for a sweet father-daughter selfie, with her caption simply reading, “textures.”

Scout’s love of fashion should come as no great surprise to her followers as the young star has taken her adoration for different materials and prints to a professional level with the creation of her label Scout’s General.

Steal The Style

Get Scout’s thrifty style

Creature from the Black Lagoon Essential T-Shirt by Red Bubble


We love a girl that can make something out of nothing – and that’s exactly what Scout has done with this mismatched outfit. While the base of her outfit was a vintage tee, her pants and button-down shirt were from contemporary brands. There’s a lot going on…it shouldn’t work, but it does!

We’ve hunted for similar pieces so you can copy Scout’s style – first up, your own Creature from The Black Lagoon Tee.

Throw this Marni x Uniqlo checked shirt over the top and pair it with these yellow zebra print pants from Annorlunda – done.

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Yellow checked shirt

Marni Oversized Open Collar Short Sleeve Shirt by Uniqlo

Model wearing yellow zebra print pants

Zebra print denim jeans by Annorlunda

Scout Willis discusses her ‘sensual’ fashion brand Scout’s General

Several years ago, when Scout was barely in her mid-twenties, she came up with the idea to start her own fashion label, telling Harper’s Bazaar she wanted to give the populace a chance to buy items she herself had difficulty finding on the racks.

“I wanted to make something for when you’re running half an hour late, and you want to cry because everything you try on makes you feel worse, and it keeps getting later and later,” she told the magazine.

After launching the brand, Scout enjoyed seeing her clothing go down the runway at the 2016 New York Fashion Week show, with styles ranging from relaxed pants and shirts to more elegant, flowy dresses.

“It’s a sensual collection,” she said at the time. “It’s dreamy and romantic, but grounded in this very wearable and simple structure.”

Scout emphasized that, while many pieces are heavily priced between $300 for dresses all the way up to $850 for an alpaca coat, she took time and care in picking only the best materials for each item to ensure quality and long-lasting wear.

“People should be able to look sleek without having to spend a ton of money,” she explained, adding that she wants her items to have a “timeless” vibe while being relatively affordable. “For the person I want to sell to, $300 for a dress is still a lot of money, so I want people to be able to buy the clothes and think, I’m investing in this because I’m going to wear it all the time.”

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