Scout LaRue Willis highlights artistic skills with her handmade sweater

Scout LaRue Willis gazes into the camera.
Scout LaRue Willis is stunning in a handmade sweater. Pic credit: © Collin/ImagePressAgency

Scout LaRue Willis showed off her impressive looks and talent in her handmade sweater.

The sweater was knitted with thick white yarn, and a portion of the lower back was completely empty to show off more of the star’s incredible figure. The style of the sweater allowed her bright red bra to show underneath.

Scout paired the sweater with cozy red sweatpants that included a white drawstring. The bold red color helped to increase the holiday themes in the post.

Bruce Willis’ daughter elevated the outfit with a red yarn necklace that sat just above the sweater’s neckline and helped tie the look together.

Scout wore her long brown hair up, and even in a high ponytail, it flowed down to her mid-back. Her makeup was understated and lovely, with a bit of mascara to complement her eyes.

The 31-year-old singer twirled in the video to show off her brilliant work. She included in text over the post, “I MADE THIS SWEATER FREE HAND WITHOUT A PATTERN AND IT’S COZY, CUTE, SEXY AND SIMULTANEOUSLY HIDEOUS.”

Her overall look was adorable and ready for chilly weather.

Scout LaRue Willis drops her Love Without Possession remix

Scout was so excited to announce that her Love Without Possession remix would be live, and she made this announcement in an Instagram post.

Scout included in her caption, “It’s always been my dream to remix my songs and bring sad girl dance music to the fore!” She continued on to say, “I can’t wait to watch you all dance and cry at the same time!”

Her remix is now available to listen to on multiple platforms.

The post earned over 2,000 likes from her excited fans and over 70 comments.

Scout LaRue Willis celebrated 1 month after her album dropped

Scout released an album and made a post to Instagram to remind her fans that it had been out for one month. She seemed very excited about the progress and that her art was available for everyone’s enjoyment.

She posted the reminder on Instagram with an image of her posing in front of a wall of beautiful flowers. She wore an orange crop top with white and black pants.

Scout included in her caption, “It feels really cool because I haven’t felt caught up on how ‘well the album is doing’ more it’s excited to see which songs people have been listening to most out of curiosity after living with them myself for so long!”

The post earned over 2,000 likes.

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