School of Rock child actor Joey Gaydos Jr. arrested for stealing guitars and amps

Joey Gaydos Jr. in School of Rock and his mugshot
Joey Gaydos Jr. in School of Rock and, right, how he looks now. Pic credit: Paramount Pictures/Sarasota Sheriff’s Office

Remember that amazing child Zack, who was the lead guitarist from School of Rock? Well, it seems like the actor who played the role in the 2003 film with Jack Black has found himself in some legal trouble.

According to TMZ, the whole situation surrounding Joey Gaydos Jr has been building since early February. Around the time, surveillance footage of the actor reportedly showed him playing a Buddy Guy model Fender Strat guitar at a music store before casually walking out the door with the musical instrument without paying.

The incident is said to have put all local stores on guard with the actor after police made the footage public.

To make matters worse, he allegedly repeated this same event just a few days later on February 11th, reportedly stealing a guitar that has a $2,000 value — before being stopped by store employees as well as customers from leaving. Soon after, he was arrested by authorities.

Joey has reportedly been arrested a grand total of four times in five weeks for allegedly stealing guitars and an amplifier, thus causing the situation to escalate to felony charges including larceny and grand theft for the School of Rock actor.

According to the same report, law officials say that he’s been stealing the instruments and selling them to pawn shops. Cops say he allegedly stole over $2,000 of instruments including a blue Epiphone Prophecy Les Paul, a black Fender Stratocaster, and a Gibson Les Paul gold top.

Joey Gaydos Jr. has pled not guilty to the charges and has blamed the string of incidents on drugs. He has yet to make a plea for the stolen amplifier.

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