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Saweetie shows off killer curves and athletic skill in tight spandex

Saweetie in spandex
Saweetie rocks curve-hugging spandex while showing off her athletic skill.  Pic credit: ©

Saweetie is preparing her debut EP, and the USC alum is focusing on her physical health as well as professional growth.

The Best Friend rapper remains active on her Instagram Stories, where she often shares fitness videos of her body in motion.

The 29-year-old took a break from the studio to show she’s still got it.

The gorgeous cousin of Gabrielle Union posted a video as she ran a sprint down a palm-tree-lined street that is featured often in her videos.

She also showed off her impressive skills with a video featuring a running woman emoji and a cloud of smoke to indicate speed.

The athletically-blessed rapper, born Diamonté Quiava Valentin Harper, is the granddaughter of Super Bowl winner Willie Harper. Some might say that athleticism runs in her blood, as does celebrity, with other famous relatives, including MC Hammer and producer Zaytoven.

saweetie spandex
Pic credit: @saweetie/Instagram

Saweetie shows her killer curves in black spandex

The California native also took a mirror selfie with her iPhone covering her face and her curves front and center.

Saweetie wore head-to-toe black spandex with a short-sleeve crop top and matching skintight shorts. She angled her body toward the mirror while arching her back slightly, showing the camera her gains. She kept her dark, long tresses secured underneath a baseball cap.

saweetie spandex
Pic credit: @saweetie/Instagram

The long, pink acrylic nails were a dead giveaway, revealing who was on the other side of the camera.

Saweetie talks with Kevin Hart about her food concoctions

Like Saweetie’s rap career, her food channel has somewhat of a cult following.

The multi-ethnic beauty often shares her recipes, posting with her stunning mother, who is Filipino-Chinese.

Mixing the cuisines of her mother and father, Saweetie learned to throw it down in the kitchen.

Kevin Hart wanted to know about some of her creations, like ramen with Cheetos, and he asked her if she had a hard life.

Saweetie shared that she grew up with nine aunts and uncles and “hella cousins,” but there were never groceries.

She shared, “And you had to make it do what it do in the kitchen. I love food, so because I was eating the same thing almost every day. We had to figure it out.”

Kevin asked if she ever felt the need to hide her concoctions. Saweetie laughed and asked why and revealed she was proud of her food.

Finally, Saweetie revealed she had “a stomach of steel.”

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