Saweetie shows curves to enjoy tasty cake

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Saweetie enjoyed a heart-shaped cake as the talented rapper celebrated her album, The Single Life. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Saweetie showed that she had a bit of a sweet tooth when the Icy rapper struck a pose with a cake to celebrate her album, The Single Life.

The Tap In rapper took to her Instagram Live last night, where she talked with fans and looked fabulous.

The USC alum, who majored in communications, has used social media to promote her endeavors.

Saweetie’s latest share was no exception, as she posted up a storm on her Instagram, where she has amassed 13 million followers.

Saweetie demonstrated her love of tasty treats and her killer curves in a recent post.

The rapper also showed off a sweet new hairstyle, rocking half blonde and half pink and black stripes.

Saweetie enjoys The Single Life cake in tank top

The first image showed Saweetie with her signature sky-high lashes as the glowing songwriter kissed her cake. She was Icy in every sense of the word, with chunky hoop earrings and layered necklaces around her neck.

Saweetie sparkled just like her cake with a lot of highlighter and purple shimmery lids. Saweetie’s signature lengthy acrylics also sparkled with major embellishments on each nail.

A swipe right showed Saweetie as she lifted her cake and appeared impressed with the dessert created in her honor. Saweetie dripped in diamonds, revealing bracelets, and a ring featuring the precious stones.

The cake was mouthwatering in the shape of a heart with pink icing outlining the cake’s perimeter. The white cake sparkled and read, “Single Life Baby!”

Saweetie also posted pictures of her tank top. Her black top was quite low-cut and featured the name of one of her new songs about embracing feminine energy.

When Saweetie isn’t enjoying cake, you might find the rapper chowing down on McDonald’s.

Saweetie teams up with McDonald’s to create Saweetie meal

Saweetie has been vocal about her love of the very convenient fast-food chain McDonald’s. Therefore, her partnership with the company was no surprise.

The Saweetie McDonald’s menu, available for a limited time, featured a Big Mac, four-piece Chicken McNuggets, fries, and a Sprite. The meal also came with Saweetie ‘N Sour sauce.

Finally, the brand offered paper bags with diamonds, adding an element of sophistication to the fast food meal.

Saweetie said in a press release, “McDonald’s and I run deep, from growing up back in Hayward, California, all through my college days. So, I had to bring my icy gang in on my all-time favorites.”

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