Saweetie shows curves in gorgeous silky robe

Saweetie is glowing with a freshly caked face while rocking a robe, and she doesn’t want to remove her makeup. Pic credit: @saweetie/Instagram

Saweetie had a real dilemma on her hands when she had makeup so beautiful she didn’t want to take it off.

Saweetie’s latest shot appeared on her Instagram Stories and was a testament to her ability to work a look and capture attention.

The USC alum treated her 13 million Instagram followers to a share showing a beautiful before-bed picture on Sunday night.

The image was striking, with Saweetie’s captivating gaze, beautiful makeup, and ethereal energy contributing to the overall effect.

Saweetie wrote in white text over the post that she didn’t want to take her makeup off from the day.

And judging from her post, it would be easy to see why Saweetie felt that way.

Saweetie stuns in robe before bed

Her eyebrows were on fleek, with lengthy lashes and rosy cheeks. She had a fresh glow, with highlighter and sparkles, looking gorgeous after a long day.

Saweetie’s lids had a purple shadow that was blended to perfection.

Saweetie in a robe
Pic credit: @saweetie/Instagram

She wore an open green robe with an orange butterfly decorating the garment.

The Tap In rapper sported her hair in a sleek straight style with a pretty scarf wrapped over the top of her head. She placed her hair over her chest to offer some modesty and wore an Icy necklace around her neck.

Saweetie has sported many glamorous looks lately because she dropped her album, The Single Life.

Saweetie releases The Single Life with Jack Daniel’s

Saweetie has become an inspirational figure in the music industry, especially with her social media presence and overarching messages of female empowerment and confidence.

For that reason, Saweetie’s title as a Jack Daniel’s partner made a lot of sense. The Icy rapper has created a carefully-curated aesthetic with luxury, diamonds, champagne, and Jack Daniel’s as symbols of her fabulous life.

Saweetie’s songs have a refreshing air of energy as she raps about going out, making money, and looking good. Her latest efforts, The Single Life, sponsored by Jack Daniel’s, have featured a new sound from Saweetie.

As Saweetie explained in a Jack Daniel’s produced video, she has never been single for so long, and fans would hear this in her music.

Saweetie explained, “I’ve never put this amount of time, love, and energy into my music, and I think that when the world hears it, they’re going to feel that.”

The Single Life is for fans to stream with major streaming services now.

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