Saweetie shares knowledge at Teen Vogue summit

Rapper Saweetie is showing off her brains while attending the Teen Vogue summit over the weekend. Pic credit: @saweetie/Instagram

Saweetie showed that she was more than just an award-winning rapper with a beautiful face and infectious style.

Over the weekend, she attended a summit for Teen Vogue, where successful women and entrepreneurs gathered to network and share advice.

Saweetie was one of the keynote speakers at the event.

As a USC graduate with a degree in Communications, the Tap In rapper has quite a bit of book smarts, which she showed when she spoke to the crowd.

An Instagram account for Teen Vogue shared a moment from Saweetie’s speech, where the rapper shared some knowledge with a group of curious fans. 

While seated on the stage, Saweetie offered insight into the world of legal agreements.

Saweetie looks gorgeous as she drops knowledge

She spoke specifically about contracts and condensed contracts.

Saweetie urged listeners to be mindful of condensed contracts because they may have loopholes for others to exploit. She also said that when signing an agreement in a deal, find a lawyer outside the negotiation to look things over. She noted that sometimes a person in a business dealing would suggest a lawyer who can create a condensed contract containing loopholes. For that reason, she advised listeners to find their own legal counsel.

Saweetie looked gorgeous in a black crop top with a scoop neck and skintight matching pants. She paired the black-on-black outfit with an army green jacket that fell off her shoulders.

She rocked her signature lengthy acrylics, which were pink with crystal embellishments. 

Saweetie’s skin glowed with a dolled-up face and highlighter, adding to her sparkle.

Her hair was blonde and straight, with pieces of her bangs framing her face.

Saweetie’s popularity and sparkly personality are clear reasons why companies want the rapper to endorse their products.

Saweetie teams up with McDonald’s

Last year, Saweetie teamed up with McDonald’s to create a special celebrity meal.

Although the rapper has a passion for fitness, she has never been shy about her love of the fast food chain.

Saweetie spoke with Forbes about her exciting collaboration and creation of the Saweetie meal.

She said, “I think McDonald’s just saw that I genuinely love the meal. I’m always remixing their meals on my live. I only really go live when I eat.”

Saweetie continued, “So, the fact that I’m here right now with these beautiful packages and cartons of Saweetie Meal behind me is like a dream come true. So, just a match made in heaven.”

Saweetie’s meal consisted of a Big Mac, chicken nuggets, fries, Sprite, and of course, Saweetie N Sour sauce.

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