Saweetie shows off hill-sprint workout in 90 degree heat

Saweetie, Diamonte Harper
Saweetie jogs under the California sun as the daughter and granddaughter of professional athletes showed off her curves and speed. Pic credit: ©

Former student-athlete Saweetie showed her dedication to fitness as she ran sprints in California under the 90-degree sun and wore very little clothing.

An Instagram page called @thebrandengine shared the shots, which Saweetie reposted on her Instagram Story.

The video showed Saweetie rocking tight white spandex, a blue crop top, and a baseball cap as she ran to the end of the palm-tree-lined street.

Fans of the Icy rapper will recognize the backdrop because she frequently shows her sprinting capabilities there.

Even with a heat wave, Saweetie kept cool as she demonstrated her skills and ran down the street.

The granddaughter of Super Bowl-winning NFL player Willie Harper showed the apple didn’t fall far from the tree, especially when it comes to athletic ability.

Saweetie runs up a hill in brutal heat and spandex

The video revealed that Saweetie not only ran in the heat but also ran on an incline.

saweetie jogs
Pic credit: @thebrandengine/Instagram

The text read, “You can’t be the best if you don’t train like the best!!!”

The white font continued, “90 degrees!!!”

Finally came the kicker, “Running steep hills in under 8 secs.”

But Saweetie had her eye on the prize, working out and then posting from the studio where she continued to work on Pretty B***h Music.

The endorphin release was likely a welcome distraction after she was needlessly dragged into drama on Twitter. The drama involved a Nicki Minaj fan, Cardi B, and Saweetie’s ex Quavo’s cousin, Cardi’s husband, Offset.

Cardi B is used to receiving trolling at the hands of Nicki Minaj fans. With Nicki’s latest song, Super Freaky Girl, debuting at number one, it seems the Barbs have stepped up their attacks.

One fan tweeted Cardi and suggested she blatantly lied about Saweetie sleeping with Offset. Fans will remember that Saweetie began dating Quavo in 2018 after he slid in her DMs.

At the same time, Cardi got engaged to Offset; the two eventually married and had two children. Another connection between the group is that Saweetie’s cousin, Zaytoven, produced Migos’ first hit song, Versace.

Cardi dispelled the rumors, however, and said the tweeter was trying to start drama between women, something he apparently succeeded at, at least temporarily.

As for Saweetie–she is still working on her debut studio album, which she revealed would take time because it was not “microwave” stuff.

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