Saweetie raps in a bra to celebrate single life

saweetie bra
Saweetie’s album The Single Life is coming and she is hinting at the contents of her latest efforts. Pic credit: @saweetie/Instagram

Saweetie’s album teases haven’t stopped all week and fans were here for the potentially new content.

The debut studio album for Saweetie, who has previously released successful mixtapes, appeared to be finished as she shared another behind-the-scenes look at the recording process with a famous sponsor. 

The USC alum, who majored in communications, has put her money where her mouth is by drumming up publicity for the release.  

Last month, Saweetie shared a screenshot of an iTunes playlist called “The Single Life,” a clever name with a double meaning.

As Saweetie fans may recall, she and Migos rapper Quavo called it quits following allegations of his infidelity. The second meaning, of course, was that the tracklisting featured a list of singles.

Saweetie has been leaning into her life as a single woman referencing this unique time in her life. A previous post revealed that this was the longest Saweetie was ever single.

As such, she has gotten to know herself very deeply. She has attributed her relationship status to unprecedented self-growth and exploration, and fans will likely be here for it.

Saweetie records her new album in ab-baring look

Much like Saweetie’s previous post, the video sponsor was Jack Daniel’s. Throughout the clip, Saweetie sipped on the beverage.

As the video began, a long-haired Saweetie declared that single women should celebrate their individuality.

She explained that being single was a time for freedom, love, and celebration as a person who was young, wild, and free.

Saweetie looked gorgeous as she shared her thoughts in the low lighting of a recording studio.

The gorgeous rapper served a few looks as she danced in a bra and a crop top and maintained a fresh manicure at all times.

At the end of the clip, she joked around and sang Christina Aguilera’s Come on Over Baby (All I Want Is You). The song was a reference to keeping an open mind while single if a potential mate came along.

Saweetie celebrates album with braless dress

Last weekend, Saweetie attended an event, and all eyes were on the Bay Area native.

The Tap In rapper wore Christopher Kane in a gorgeous cutout dress by the designer.

Saweetie went old-fashioned with pinned curls and soft glam makeup as she grabbed champagne with both hands, definitely a testament to her Icy life.

The cutouts were unique because each hole featured gold jewelry, adding to the glam of the look.

As the countdown continues to Saweetie’s first debut album, fans cannot wait.

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