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Saweetie in white bra teases new music

Saweetie is wearing a white sports bra and teasing new music as she walks into a studio with full hands. Pic credit: @saweetie/Instagram

Saweetie continues to tease new music as she posts on her Instagram Stories with details from her day-to-day life.

Saweetie has been keeping in shape, which is evident by her frequent gym posts and toned tummy.

This week, she appeared with rapper Yung Miami’s YouTube show called Caresha Please. The ladies sat in luxury as they sipped cocktails and spilled tea. Saweetie explained that she was working on her album and her latest IG Story showed she was a woman of her word.

The rapper rocked a white sports bra, baby blue sweatpants, and platform fuzzy slippers.

Her long dark hair was in loose curls and a center part. Saweetie was dripping in diamonds which is the Icy rapper’s custom look.

The latest shots featured the Bay Area native as she departed from a vehicle holding a beverage in one hand and her laptop in another. She had a pink drink and a big smile as the sun shone down upon her skin.

saweetie sports bra
Pic credit: @saweetie/Instagram

Saweetie teases new music in feminine clothing

She carried a blue Louis Vuitton beach bag as she approached a trailer.

Subsequent photos showed that the computer contained untitled music from Saweetie’s upcoming album.

The caption from Saweetie’s laptop photo featured a double entendre, as she asked fans who was single.

The playlist, featuring Saweetie’s music, featured 12 singles, totaling 33 minutes.

Saweetie is undergoing a spiritual evolution

As Saweetie evolves spiritually, so too does her music and she wants to share that with fans. She spoke with Glamour magazine about the updates in her life, including her shaved head and new style.

Saweetie is appreciated for her refreshing and feel-good music and the rapper practices what she preaches. She shared, “I think getting in touch with your natural style is important, because it’s a part of self-love, self-care. If you can’t appreciate one part of [you], then you can’t appreciate yourself as a whole. I know this because I’ve struggled with different areas of loving myself.”

The Best Friend rapper also loves to prove people wrong and she has a lot of experience doing it.

She revealed, “I’ve always proved people wrong. I’ve always proved men wrong. I think that women deal with it, not only in the [music] industry, but in everyday life, you know, not feeling equal or not being respected.”

When Saweetie drops her debut album, she will be sure to share the news on social media.