Saweetie dazzles in pink dress with major bling

Saweetie on the red carpet.
Saweetie dazzles in pink dress. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Saweetie is the ICY Queen, and her latest photos prove exactly that.

The Back to the Streets hitmaker, who has made it clear over the years that she’s a fashionista, put on a show-stopping display and had all eyes on her.

In an upload that consisted of eight images, the rapper stunned in a fitted bright pink dress that was sleeveless.

The garment featured a zip down the middle of the front, which was left unzipped, allowing Saweetie to show off her bling.

Some of her jewelry included two chains with a large pendant, large hoop earrings, and a bracelet on each wrist.

Saweetie rocked long, pointy acrylic nails and opted for long, dark sleek hair.

Saweetie is a killer poser

The two-time Grammy Award-nominated artist accessorized with a small white bag in the shape of a cat.

She completed her look with knee-high boots that matched her attire and had silver gems embroidered all over.

In the first frame, Saweetie was captured from the waist-up.

She held her cell phone to her ear and threw up deuces with her right hand.

Saweetie gazed to her right with a pouty expression, serving a carefree attitude.

In the next slide, she was snapped from a higher angle while on her knees on a wooden floor.

Saweetie rested her bag on her lower back and gazed directly up at the camera lens while holding onto a black barrier.

In the fourth pic, she took a selfie in the mirror with her phone and showed off her footwear in the following slide.

In the sixth image, Saweetie appeared to be about to blow a kiss at the camera while raising her left leg.

For the seventh frame, she balanced her bag on her head. She threw up both her middle fingers and looked over to the right.

In the span of 16 hours, Saweetie’s post made a splash with her 12.9 million followers, racking up 340,000 likes and over 2,300 comments.

Saweetie collaborated with Cher for MAC Cosmetics

With a face as gorgeous as Saweetie’s, it comes as no surprise that the brand deals are coming in strong.

As previously reported by Girls United, she has faced many campaigns for the likes of Crocs, Champion, and Calvin Klein, to name a few.

Her biggest flex, however, is collaborating with MAC Cosmetics on their Challenge Accepted campaign with none other than the superstar that is Cher.

“[It] means challenging a status quo, and I try to do that every day with my business, with my music, with the message I give out to the world,” Saweetie told WWD about why she has a personal connection to the campaign. “Because I went to college, something that was said to me was: ‘Why would you be a rapper when you have a degree?’ But I challenge that. I’m going to do what I’m passionate about.”

Saweetie and Cher might be the duo we never knew we needed, but we love to see it either way.

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