Saweetie commands attention sitting front row at NBA game

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All eyes were on Saweetie at an NBA game. Pic credit: @saweetie/Instagram

All eyes were on rapper Saweetie when she got glammed up and sat in the front row at a recent NBA game.

The Tap In performer recently made history when she became the first person to perform a live concert in the metaverse. Although the jury was out on how well her digital icon represented her actual appearance, Saweetie delivered another performance leading up to the Super Bowl. 

After killing it for the NFL, Saweetie performed for a different sport, headlining a show during NBA’s All-Star weekend. 

After all that work, it was time for the musical artist to relax and enjoy herself, which was exactly what she did.

Sticking with the basketball theme, Saweetie, and a beautiful friend hit up the Arena to watch some hoops.  

Saweetie treated her 12.8 million Instagram followers to her latest creative expression with a few posts detailing her ensembles and adventures. 

Saweetie stuns at an NBA game with her friend

The ex of Quavo commanded attention, wearing a skintight pink ensemble and a lot of jewelry. Saweetie’s outfit was inspired by Dulce from Sailor Moon but, of course, with her twist. 

In the first picture, Saweetie and her friend sat in the front row and smiled. Both ladies looked glamorous and gorgeous. Saweetie wore a pink dress that was sleeveless and short, paired with matching knee-high stiletto boots as she crossed her legs and posed.

A swipe right saw the songstress with a phone in her hand, showing off her lengthy acrylics with sparkles and bling. 

Saweetie sported a side part, and her baby hairs were laid with her sleek tresses cascading down her back.  She wore multiple sparkly bangles and large hoop earrings with a few massive necklaces hanging around her neck. 

Another photo saw Saweetie strutting to her seat. She carried a long pink coat around her elbows that trailed behind her elegantly as she crossed the stadium floor. 

The USC alum carefully placed her white cat purse on the ground in front of her so that the world could see her style. 

In her caption, Saweetie referenced her friend, who accompanied her, also looking gorgeous.

Her caption read, “she a baddie with ha baddie friend 🤩🏀💖.”

It was clear from the pictures that Saweetie’s figure was on point. The rapper puts in a lot of time at the gym to stay in shape.

Saweetie’s diet and exercise secrets

Saweetie’s grandfather was an NFL player, winning a Super Bowl with the San Francisco 49ers. It’s safe to say that athleticism is in Saweetie’s DNA.

She spoke with Women Fitness about her fitness routine, sharing specifics with the publication.

As Saweetie explained, her legs have always been her favorite feature.

Saweetie shared, “I love working on my legs. I think if you have good legs, you look good overall. So, I would say squats and leg presses.”

The rapper continued, “Even mixing in some dance moves like squatting and dancing. I’ve been trying to practice it more and more. It’s a really good exercise!”

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