Saweetie celebrates first show of the year sponsored by Champion

Saweetie celebrates first show of the year sponsored by Champion
Saweetie celebrated her first show of the new year with a gorgeous ensemble and exciting performance sponsored by Champion. Pic credit: @saweetie/Instagram

Saweetie started her 2023 off with a bang, performing for a crowd of adoring fans.

The Icy rapper has had a busy few months after releasing her debut album, The Single Life, in November.

For her latest performance, Saweetie appeared at the AT&T Playoff Playlist Live! event with Pitbull and Jonas Brothers also gracing the stage.

Saweetie shared an energetic video featuring a behind-the-scenes look at her performance at the sold-out show.

The video started with a backstage view of Saweetie as she emerged on stage for a jam-packed audience.

Then, the clip switched up to a daytime shot of Saweetie as she rehearsed for her big show.

Saweetie stuns at AT&T Playoff Playlist Live! performance

The montage featured Saweetie’s bleach blonde wig, with long curls that she sported on stage. Saweetie spun in a white robe as the clip transitioned into the icy ensemble she wore for the performance.

Since Champion sponsored the performance, it only made sense that the rapper was decked out in attire from the brand.

She rocked a diamond-encrusted bustier with silver and black embellishments.

Saweetie also wore stylish fingerless gloves and her lengthy signature acrylics. Saweetie paired the lingerie top with loose white cargo pants with black stitching and pockets. The pants allowed the rapper to move and twerk to the beat.

Saweetie sported a full beat with glossy lips, lengthy lashes, and shimmery eyeshadow.

The video also showed Saweetie twerking and dancing as she entertained the crowd.

Saweetie’s caption read, “first show of the year ? thank you for the love LA !!!✨❄️.”

Overall, the video was sparkly, upbeat, and inspirational– just like Saweetie.

Fans who want further inspiration from Saweetie are in luck because she shared a few of her workout tips. Unsurprisingly, Saweetie revealed that she focused on her legs and glutes.

Saweetie’s workout routine and fitness

Saweetie talked with Women Fitness about her workout routine and admitted her legs were one of her favorite features.

Saweetie said, “I love working on my legs. I think if you have good legs, you look good overall. So, I would say squats and leg presses.”

Saweetie also revealed that dancing was one of her favorite workouts.

She shared, “Even mixing in some dance moves like squatting and dancing. I’ve been trying to practice it more and more. It’s a really good exercise!”

Saweetie showed her dancing skills while performing at AT&T Playoff Playlist Live! but she also said she did dancing workouts at home.

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