Savannah Chrisley in skimpy bikini for doggy love gets backlash

Savannah Chrisley at the CMT Awards.
Savannah Chrisley got in some bikini and dog-loving time as she pondered about getting a Golden Retriever. Pic credit: ©

Savannah Chrisley enjoyed some puppy-loving time as she pondered over a big decision.

The 25-year-old daughter of TV personalities Todd and Julie Chrisley looked bronzed and glam as she threw on a skimpy bikini while working in some doggy snuggles at the same time.

Wearing a backward cap on her head, Savannah could be seen crouching down to receive kisses from a cute Golden Retriever sitting in front of her.

The Growing Up Chrisley star and Sassy By Savannah beauty brand owner sported a stringy two-piece for her short video clip, the attire’s pink-and-white hues playing perfectly against her tanned skin.

String ties were evident on her hips while her top formed a halter-style around the back of her neck.

Savannah captioned the clip saying she was considering getting a dog before adding a description about the health benefits of dog ownership, namely that furry friends can ease anxiety, lower depression, and reduce heart issues.

Despite the seemingly-innocent post, Savannah maybe got more than she bargained for as fans and her own father flooded her page with their personal ideas on her thought process.

Savannah Chrisley gets blasted by her dad

Moments after sharing her dog-owning desires on Instagram, Savannah’s father made sure to be the first in line to admonish his daughter for her plan.

“The answer is NO. Did you know that dogs require attention? That they crap and pee everywhere? That she shed all over your furniture and your clothes as well? Did you know that we’ve been through this before? Leave the pet loving to pet lovers please,” Todd Chrisley ranted at Savannah.

The young star quickly replied to her dad’s public scolding, saying, “ I do not appreciate your negativity. A dog shows love and doesn’t talk back…WHO DOESNT WANT THAT.”

Savannah Chrisley's dad scolds her for wanting a dog and Savannah repsonds.
Pic credit: @savannahchrisley/Instagram

While Todd’s critique may have been one of the harsher comments Savannah received, many of her fans also appeared to be hesitant about the star making such a big commitment.

One person told her she had too busy of a lifestyle to devote time to a dog, adding that her financial standing might help her in the end as she can likely at least afford to pay a dog walker.

Fans react to Savannah's dog post.
Pic credit: @savannahchrisley/Instagram

Another follower seemed to be a little more supportive but still encouraged her to foster a dog before making her final decision.

Still, more fans reminded Savannah of her busy schedule, with someone else telling her she should absolutely not own a dog if she can’t commit to giving her animal most of her energy and time.

Another fan tells Savannah not to get a dog unless she can devote most her time to it.
Pic credit: @savannahchrisley/Instagram

While the star takes some time to make a decision about getting a pup, Savannah certainly will maintain her online presence and keep her fans on their toes with her near-constant Instagram posts.

Savannah Chrisley stuns in braless sundress

At the beginning of September, Savannah proved once again that she could rock any outfit when she wore a tight-fitted sundress with a floral design.

Blowing some kisses at the camera, the actress looked like a bronzed goddess in her mostly-white attire, the pops of red and green of the rose patterning adding extra color to the shot.

As the blonde continues to share her thought processes and fashion statements online, fans will surely be eager to keep up with the star’s latest news and personal life updates as she maintains her social media domination.

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