Sarah Michelle Gellar stuns in miniskirt

Sarah Michelle Gellar on the red carpet.
Sarah Michelle Gellar looked stunning in unique ensemble. Pic credit: © Birdie Thompson/AdMedia

Sarah Michelle Gellar is back in action.

The gorgeous and petite blonde has rocked some fabulous red carpet looks lately as she promotes her upcoming return to television.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer put Sarah on the map. Since then, she has remained a pop culture icon.

Her fashion sense has been upped, and most recently, she rocked a miniskirt and black latex gloves that covered her arms completely.

The outfit was credited to Monse, which appears to be fashion with a twist. In Sarah’s case, the blazer she wore was cut so that it appeared as a cape, and the latex gloves were shown going up her arms. It was very fashion-forward for the blonde bombshell.

And, while Sarah is petite, her legs looked long and lean in the miniskirt and heels she chose.

Sarah Michelle Gellar’s legs stole the show

While her gorgeous outfit was attention-worthy, Sarah Michelle Gellar’s toned and muscular-looking legs garnered plenty of comments under the post.

One follower wrote, “She got legs….she knows how to use them ?”

Another said, “D**n lady!!! Look at those gorgeous legs. Can’t wait to see you next week @sarahmgellar ??”

Comments about Sarah Michelle Gellar's legs.
Pic credit: @sarahmgellar/Instagram

Aside from her legs, it was also Sarah’s quirky little smile that set the tone for the fun outfit. She has been posting up a storm with the premiere of her new series, Wolf Pack, releasing next week. It’s her significant return to television after well over a decade away.

How Sarah Michelle Gellar stays fit and healthy

After seeing Sarah Michelle Gellar in that miniskirt, many followers are likely wondering what she does to stay in shape.

She talked to Shape about what she eats and everything she does to remain fit and active.

Sarah said, “I think nutrition is actually the basis for all of it [staying healthy] because it affects how we use our energy, how we sleep, all of those things.” She revealed that she and her husband, Freddie Prinze Jr., grow their own vegetables at home, which helps to keep healthy snack options available.

Movement is also a big deal for the actress. Sarah did plenty of her own stunts while filming Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which helped keep her in shape. Now, though, it’s more about making exercise less of a “chore.”

As for how she feels when she works out, the petite blonde said, “When I work out for an hour, I can sort of let everything else go, and I just focus on whatever the movement is and making sure it’s correct.”

And while many may not think skincare is part of remaining fit and healthy, Sarah disagrees. She talked about how she washes her face nightly and gives it minerals and hydration, just like the rest of her body. Her skin is flawless, so she’s doing something right!

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