Sarah Michelle Gellar stuns in leather jacket while being generous

Sarah Michelle Gellar stuns in leather.
Sarah Michelle Gellar looks stunning for a good cause. Pic credit: ©

Sarah Michelle Gellar looked incredible as she jumped from Cyber Monday to Giving Tuesday.

The legendary star from Buffy the Vampire Slayer teamed up with friends and non-profit organizations to raise money for those in need.

Sarah demonstrated her kind-hearted and charming personality by providing an act of kindness for those who might not be able to provide for themselves.

During this holiday season, it’s extremely important to help others that are less fortunate and Sarah jumped in to lend a hand.

The actress shared her selfless deed with her Instagram followers as she uploaded the stunning photo to her Story.

Sarah smiled at the camera as she seemed to enjoy her Giving Tuesday.

Sarah Michelle Gellar stuns in black leather

In her most recent share, Sarah posed in beautiful black attire as she held onto her This Is About Humanity bag.

The actress sported a beautiful leather jacket that featured a unique collar and some silver accents. The shoulders of the jacket were padded, giving them a rather pointed look.

She styled the leather jacket with a classic white t-shirt underneath and a pair of bootcut jeans that stopped at her ankles.

The jeans hugged Sarah’s legs perfectly as they highlighted her slender physique.

For shoes, the actress went with some black suede platform boots that offered her a bit more height.

She accessorized with a pair of chunky, dangly earrings, a couple of layered necklaces, and an assortment of gold bracelets.

Her blonde hair was parted down the middle and placed to the one side of her shoulder.

Sarah’s makeup was beautifully done as she went with a light touch of mascara, some blush, and bronzer across her cheeks. She then finalized the look with a glossy, pink lip.

In the Story, the actress tagged some of the organizations that she teamed up with in order to raise money.

She tagged The Little Market, This is About Humanity, and Bash Paris, all of whom are geared toward helping others in need.

Sarah Michelle Gellar is gorgeous in all black attire.
Pic credit: @sarahmgellar/Instagram

Sarah Michelle Gellar lands a lead role in Paramount’s new TV series Wolf Pack

In another recent Instagram post, Sarah announced she would be starring in the new TV series called the Wolf Pack.

Sarah shared the trailer for the new series with her fans as she happily landed one of the lead roles.

The first episode of Wolf Pack will air on January 26th, 2023, and can be streamed exclusively through Paramount Plus.

The TV series will be based around two teenagers who had lived in California, however, their lives get entirely flipped upside down once a horrible wildfire breaks out and further awakens a supernatural creature.

Fans are certainly happy to see Sarah appearing on their TV screen once again, but will have to patiently wait until January.

The post was fully approved by fans as it received 122k likes and over 2.5k expressive fans in the comment section.

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