Sarah Michelle Gellar shares birthday shoutouts from famous friends

actress sarah michelle gellar at The Little Markets International Women's Day Luncheon
Sarah Michelle Gellar turned 46 and received plenty of love from famous friends. Pic credit: © Bennight/AdMedia

Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar is feeling the love as she celebrates another year on the planet!

Gellar became known for various roles over the years, including Kendall Hart on ABC’s soap opera All My Children and later the lead in the supernatural drama series Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

She’s also appeared in many notable movies, and due to her many connections in entertainment, plenty of birthday wishes recently came her way.

On Friday, she officially turned 46, and a number of her famous friends extended their expressions of goodwill.

The actress re-shared many of them on her Instagram Story, showing how loved she was on her special day.

Among the individuals who sent Gellar happy birthday greetings were actress Michelle Trachtenberg, actor Jason Behr, and WWE star Alexa Bliss.

Sarah Michelle Gellar shares her birthday shoutouts

It’s no surprise that an iconic actress like Sarah Michelle Gellar would receive lots of birthday shoutouts for her special day. For her 46th, she shared multiple slides on her Instagram Story as she was feeling the love.

Among those wishing her a happy birthday was Michelle Trachtenberg, who played Gellar’s younger sister, Dawn Summers, on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Trachtenberg shared an Instagram post featuring herself and Gellar side-by-side.

“Wishing the always fabulous and bad a** @sarahmgellar a very Happy Birthday. Take the day off sis. No vampire slaying for you today!” Trachtenberg wrote in her caption.

Another of Gellar’s Buffy co-stars, actor Jason Behr, shared his birthday wishes for the actress. Behr not only played in the supernatural TV drama with Gellar but reunited with her for the remake of the Japanese horror film, The Grudge.

“Happy Birthday to this extraordinary human @sarahmgellar,” Behr wrote over a photo of himself and Gellar attending what looks to be a sumo wrestling match.

jason behr happy birthday to sarah michelle gellar
Actor Jason Behr’s Happy Birthday greeting to Sarah Michelle Gellar. Pic credit: @thejasonbehr/Instagram

“Happy Birthday @sarahmgellar Also, should we go get matching wispy bangs together again?” asked actress friend Lindsay Price.

Price included a throwback image of herself and Gellar hugging years ago with those wispy bangs. She also appropriately chose the song Birthday Girl from Lizzo to play over her birthday greeting.

lindsay j price sends happy birthday to friend sarah m gellar
Sarah Michelle Gellar gets Happy Birthday greeting from Lindsay Price. Pic credit: @sarahmgellar/Instagram

Gellar has been married to actor Freddie Prinze Jr. since 2002. The two starred in the horror film I Know What You Did Last Summer and two Scooby-Doo movies.

In addition to acting, Prinze has worked with WWE as part of the creative team and later as a producer and director. That likely connected Gellar with more than a few wrestling stars who have become friends.

The Buffy actress shared a birthday wish from WWE’s Lexi Kaufman Cabrera, better known as Alexa Bliss.

“Happy Birthday to this amazing woman! Love you @sarahmgellar,” Alexa wrote on her online greeting featuring a photo of her and Gellar at the recent WrestleMania 39 in California.

wwe star alexa bliss with sarah michelle gellar
Sarah Michelle Gellar gets birthday love from WWE’s Alexa Bliss. Pic credit: @sarahmgellar/Instagram

Gellar wished another actress Happy Birthday recently

Just a few days before Gellar received plenty of birthday love, she extended some to her friend, actress Shannen Doherty for her 52nd birthday.

The iconic actress rose to early fame as one of the stars of Beverly Hills 90210, playing Brenda Walsh for the first four seasons until her departure. She continued with her success on the series Charmed as Prudence “Prue” Halliwell.

Doherty starred in the supernatural fantasy drama series on The WB alongside Alyssa Milano and Holly Marie Combs until leaving at the end of the third season, with Rose McGowan replacing her.

“It’s your birthday @theshando so in honor of you, here is a slideshow of some of more ridiculous stunts (swipe right) Any suggestions for new ones?” Gellar wrote on the IG post’s caption.

She included several images of herself and the actress together over the years, including them lounging in the water in a giant “InflataBull” along with a fun photo of Gellar with a wine glass balanced on her mouth and seated in front of Doherty on the grass as she tried to drink.

The first photo shows the two actresses with their heads side by side, while the final image has them all smiles outdoors as Gellar hugs Doherty from behind.

They say age is just a number, which seems accurate, as both Gellar and Doherty are icons that seem ageless no matter what their birthdays say!

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