Sarah Michelle Gellar goes glam to show off her new haircut

Sarah Michelle Gellar at the People's Choice Awards.
Sarah Michelle Gellar showed off her stunning new haircut with a glam look. Pic credit: © Elliot/AdMedia

Sarah Michelle Gellar appeared to be ready to welcome spring as she showed off a brand-new haircut.

The Wolf Pack and Do Revenge actress kept it simple yet impeccably glamorous for her online share as she sported the shortest cut she’s had in a while.

Sarah zoomed in for a close-up of her imperfection-free features from her chest to the top of her head as she went for a bare vibe.

While her shoulders and upper chest may have remained free from clothing or adornments, Sarah made sure to give her face a very elevated makeover.

Gazing off into the distance, Sarah let her hazel eyes sparkle with sweeps of mascara on her lashes and hints of shimmery, pink eyeshadow on her lids.

The actress, who recently celebrated her 20-year wedding anniversary with her husband Freddie Prinze Jr., looked flawless with subtle blush giving a touch of pink hue to her cheeks and foundation creating a blurring effect to the rest of her face.

Sarah added a pop of vibrant color to her lips, going with a striking and bold red tint to make sure her new look really stood out against the backdrop of muted whites and tans.

Her fresh cut only added to her allure, with her blonde locks cropping off around her chin for a modern feel.

Sarah has proven that not only has she made a successful return to both film and television following a lengthy break but she also knows how to handle social media with confidence.

Sarah Michelle Gellar poses with just a giant heart cutout for Valentine’s Day

Bringing her best to Instagram for Valentine’s Day, Sarah did not leave fans wanting more when she joined the ranks of other celebs who went with barely-there wear for their love day shares.

Sarah posed with just a giant, heart-shaped cutout to conceal her body as she shared her take on V Day with another stunning post.

Sarah used a stark-white background for her set so that she remained the main focus of the shot as she stood tall and strong.

Holding the heart against her front, Sarah looked like she had been freshly ripped off the page of a magazine as she styled her hair in a pin-up girl style, wavy ringlets falling neatly over the sides of her face.

She rocked bright red lipstick and creamy foundation and popped on red high heels for a touch more color.

The star has not seemed to age at all since her days on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Sarah recently opened up about how she maintains her amazing physique while keeping up with her busy career.

Sarah Michelle Gellar shares her secrets to staying in shape

Sarah sat down for a chat with Shape magazine to share her thoughts on staying healthy, and while exercise is a large part of it, she also expressed her view that what she puts in her body has everything to do with how she appears on the outside.

“I think nutrition is actually the basis for all of [staying healthy] because it affects how we use our energy, how we sleep, all of those things,” she said, adding that she and Freddie even grow their own vegetables to feed their family of four.

Along with eating foods that fuel her body, Sarah also makes sure to work up a sweat to go hand-in-hand with her nutrition.

“I think [exercise has] become more emotional,” she shared, explaining that during her days on Buffy, she viewed working out as a “chore.”

“…I think there’s an emotional component too, which is, it’s what clears my mind. When I work out for an hour, I can sort of let everything else go, and I just focus on whatever the movement is and making sure it’s correct.”

Sarah shared that she prefers to use Pilates studios in the Los Angeles area that have a Megaformer, a spring-loaded resistance machine that Sarah says gives her core one of the best workouts she’s ever had.

When she isn’t able to hit the studio, Sarah uses online videos to keep up with her exercise.

“Yes, I’m biased, but I happen to love Amanda Kloots’ subscription service, and I use it a lot. I feel like I’m in one of her classes, which makes me really happy,” she explained.

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