Sarah Michelle Gellar glows in black swimsuit with question

Sarah Michelle Gellar headshot.
Sarah Michelle Gellar enjoys time on the beach. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Sarah Michelle Gellar is living her best life as “Vacation Sarah.”

The blonde beauty is spending the holidays in a beachy location, clad in swimsuits.

Her first swimsuit was Barbie pink with the Barbie logo on it. Sarah looked amazing in the one-piece, but the black swimsuit highlighted her toned body.

On her Instagram Stories, Sarah shared a question for her followers. She wanted to know how many days were acceptable before washing your hair.

She showcased her glowing skin with a bare face and looked stunning in her black swimsuit. It appeared to be the same one she had donned earlier with a netted pullover.

It was a “beach hair, don’t care” moment for the Buffy the Vampire Slayer star.

Sarah Michelle Gellar in a black swimsuit.
Pic credit: @sarahmgellar/Instagram

Sarah Michelle Gellar returns to the small screen

It’s been quite some time since Sarah Michelle Gellar was on the small screen.

She rose to fame after landing the role of Kendall on All My Children as she played the daughter of daytime royalty, Susan Lucci. She moved on to the cult classic Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Sarah also filmed several movies and married hunky actor Freddie Prinze Jr., with whom she shares two children.

Earlier this year, it was announced that Sarah would be a part of the Paramount+ show Wolf Pack. She will not only executive produce the show, but she will also star in it. Having her return to her supernatural roots is a full-circle moment, and Sarah is grateful for the opportunity.

Filming has wrapped, which is why Sarah and her family are enjoying themselves in a beachy piece of heaven.

Sarah Michelle Gellar teams up with Wells Fargo

In a surprising collaboration, Sarah Michelle Gellar was approached by Wells Fargo to work on something together.

They proposed the idea of Active Cash, and she loved the idea. The last few years have been up and down, emotionally and financially, and this could help people who need a little more assistance. It was something the blonde noted in her interview with Forbes.

Sarah said, “They actually reached out to me with the idea of Active Cash and I thought it was so beautiful in the sense of we stopped doing all those things that bring us joy because simply we couldn’t. And now, as we’re sort of entering what this next phase of what life looks like, we have to do that, but a lot has happened in the world, both emotionally and economically, and it’s sometimes hard to make those choices.”

She doesn’t often do business with companies or endorse on a whim, so this deal must have fit perfectly with how Sarah Michelle Gellar lives her life.

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