Sarah Michelle Gellar celebrates love day with ‘ValentinesSlay’

Sarah Michelle Gellar poses at an event in New York.
Sarah Michelle Gellar brought her best to the web as she posed for Valentine’s Day. Pic credit: ¬© Vaughan/Acepixs

Sarah Michelle Gellar took a break from her usual online posts to break up social media with a sizzling new snap for Valentine’s Day.

The Wolf Pack and Do Revenge star, 45, brought some serious heat to the internet for love day as she posed in only red-hot heels.

Making sure her snap was eye-catching yet safe to view at work, Sarah likely had scrollers doing a double-take with her stunning photo to ring in the holiday.

Using a stark white background that allowed Sarah to be the primary focal point, the gorgeous Buffy: The Vampire Slayer actress dazzled as she proved that she knows how to make a statement.

Sarah had styled her signature blonde locks into a charming coif, wisps of curls playing around her forehead and creating a wind-swept-yet-flawless vibe.

Looking like she had walked off the page of a magazine, Sarah looked as vibrant as ever as she stood tall for the photo shoot, holding a giant, pink cardboard heart in front of her to conceal just enough of her figure to not be too risque.

She made the photo really pop by rocking bold red lipstick and using black eyeliner and dark mascara while the rest of her face appeared to be powdered or made up with a foundation in a pale, creamy hue.

The red heels on her feet added an extra hint of color as she captioned the shot, “ValentinesSlay.”

While the shot garnered the attention of many of her fans, it was a comment from Sarah’s own husband of 20 years, her I Know What You Did Last Summer co-star Freddie Prinze Jr., that had all the feels going.

“God damn!” the She’s All That actor simply wrote, making sure he was the very first person to comment on the sizzling snap while also proving that the couple remains one of the most endearing in all of Hollywood.

Freddie Prinze Jr. shares his astonishment at his wife's latest sizzling snap.
Freddie Prinze Jr. comments on Sarah Michelle Gellar’s post. Pic credit: @sarahmgellar/Instagram

This is not the first time the actress has shaken up the web with her presence, with Sarah having given her fans memories of summer with a bathing suit post in December.

Sarah Michelle Gellar goes full Barbie in a hot-pink one-piece

Choosing not to let the winter blues get her down, Sarah let the sunshine in as she posed on a tropical trip, going for a fun Barbie theme.

Clearly enjoying a vacation somewhere warm, Sarah captured a shot of one other chosen outfit for the getaway as she posed in the doorway of her hotel room while sporting a bright pink one-piece swimsuit with the Barbie name emblazoned across the front.

The actress showed a lean figure in the swimwear as she rested one hand on a railing and bent a knee out.

Longtime pal and fellow actor Seth Green shared his sense of awe over the shot as he immediately posted, “WHAT IS HAPPENING ūüĒ•ūüĒ•.”

Seth Green shares his thoughts on Sarah Michelle Gellar's Barbie bathing suit.
Seth Green comments on Sarah Michelle Gellar’s bathing suit post. Pic credit: @sarahmgellar/Instagram

Sarah’s posts have made it pretty clear that the star knows how to keep her body in shape and the actress opened up about her exercise routine with Shape magazine last fall.

Sarah Michelle Gellar shares the secrets to keeping her toned figure

In speaking with the publication in September, Sarah admitted that her days on the Buffy set often had her feeling like working out was more of a chore and necessary for her job than something she really enjoyed.

“I think it’s become more emotional. [Exercise] used to be, sort of, ‘I have to do this, this is my job, this is work.’ But I think there’s an emotional component too, which is, it’s what clears my mind,” she shared about her approach to breaking a sweat since her vampire slaying days.

Although Sarah knows movement is important to her physical and mental health, her busy filming schedule doesn’t always allow for a consistent routine in her workouts and she relies on studios and online programs to get her exercise in.

“Yes, I’m biased, but I happen to love¬†Amanda Kloots’ subscription service, and I use it a lot,” she said. “I feel like I’m in one of her classes, which makes me really happy.”

In terms of taking care of herself in other ways, Sarah said she always makes sure to wash her face after a long day of filming as well as after airplane travel.

She also works in a little self-care, filling up the tub for a relaxing bubble bath with a good book.

“…the truth is if I don’t take care of me, I can’t take care of [my kids]. So that, to me, is self-care.”

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