Sarah Jessica Parker toasts ‘every single person who contributed’ to AJLT success in a fabulous orange dress

Sarah Jessica Parker at TriBeCa talks event
Sarah Jessica Parker opened up about Kim Cattrall on The Hollywood Reporter’s Awards Chatter podcast. Photo Credit: ©

Actress Sarah Jessica Parker took to Instagram to toast everybody who has worked on her show, And Just Like That.

Parker is a co-producer and star of the HBO Max series, which is a revival of the original HBO hit Sex and the City. The spin-off released its final episode, Episode 10, of its premiere season today.

She posted a series of seven behind-the-scenes photos from one of the last scenes of the finale episode. The scene, shot on a bridge in Paris, included Parker’s character Carrie Bradshaw dispersing her deceased husband John’s ashes off of a bridge.

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Her character claimed that John, formally known in the franchise as “Mr. Big,” came to her in a dream while on that bridge – thus giving her the answer as to where she should scatter his remains.

In the scene, and in her Instagram photos, Sarah wore a bright orange ball gown with an off-the-shoulder top and puffy sleeves. She accompanied the gorgeous dress with hot pink gloves and a tightly braided bun. This showstopping ensemble choice for Bradshaw was no surprise for viewers, as the character has become a household name for her colorful, bold fashion choices in both the original and revival series.

Sarah thanks the ‘hundreds of hands’ involved in And Just Like That

Parker’s caption on the post included nothing but love and appreciation for everyone involved with the show – from New York City all the way to Paris.

With Season 1 of And Just Like That coming to a close, Parker started her appreciation caption off by saying, “From Manhattan, the Bronx, and all the boroughs in between. To all those on the bridge that beautiful, long last night in Paris. There were hundreds of hands involved in creating our first season of @justlikethatmax. I raise a glass and toast every single person who contributed their time, talent, and devotion.”

She then continued to thank all the viewers of the show as well.

She wrote, “To our audience who welcomed us, spent time with us, and for whom we toil, you are the reason we woke up every day and went to work, trying our very best to offer a story and adventure.”

The caption ended with the phrase, “‘Till we meet again.”

Even the AJLT official Instagram account commented the same words in agreement.

And Just Like That's Instagram comment on Sarah Jessica Parker's post
Pic credit: @sarahjessicaparker/Instagram

What’s next for the Sex and the City revival?

In an interview with Variety, Parker explained how interested she was in doing a second season of the show. She said she and co-producer Michael Patrick King needed to get serious and discuss the timeline of when everything would happen.

When asked whether she wanted to continue on, she said, “Definitely, yeah. They just need to figure out everyone’s schedule. Michael and I spoke two weeks ago, and said ‘Ok, when are we going to talk about this?’ Because there’s a calendar and you don’t want to let too much time pass. There feels like there’s momentum.”

As of now, HBO Max has yet to confirm if the Sex and the City revival will continue on with a second season – despite a few cliffhangers left at the end of the first season.

And Just Like That, we will have to wait and see.

And Just Like That is available now on HBO Max.

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