Sami Sheen wants you to vote in gorgeous selfie after exercising her right

Sami Sheen wearing silver hoop earrings.
Sami Sheen wearing red lipstick. Pic credit: @samisheen/Instagram

Being the daughter of Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards has paved the way for Sami Sheen when it comes to the industry of fame.

The 18-year-old social media starlet is already making a career for herself as a model who creates edgy content.

Right now, Sami is more focused than ever on getting her fans and followers to make the right decision when it comes to voting.

Too many people skip out on voting because they think their voice doesn’t matter, but she is actively encouraging people to take time out and vote anyway.

She posed for an attractive mirror selfie to convince her fans to get out and cast their political vote while also looking absolutely fabulous.

Not too long before that, she posed on a motorcycle in the Los Angeles area, looking like a true model based on her hair, makeup, and outfit choices.

Sami Sheen tells her followers to vote in Calvin Klein

Sami posed for a mirror selfie wearing a pink sports bra that could double as a crop top with Calvin Klein trim. She placed two “I voted” stickers strategically in the front area of her sports bra.

On her bottom half, she wore a pair of black and white striped pajama bottoms. Sami accessorized with a couple of rings, a silver necklace, and a belly button piercing.

Sami Sheen poses in a pink crop top.
Sami Sheen encourages her followers to vote. Pic credit: @samisheen/Instagram

She also wore a pair of large silver hoop earrings. The text blocks she added to her picture said, “Today is the last day to vote! #AbortionRights #ProtectWomen’sRights.”

Sami Sheen looks gorgeous in Boutine Los Angeles clothing

Sami posed for a picture on a motorcycle wearing clothing from the Boutine Los Angeles brand. On her top half, she wore a white crop top with short sleeves and a high neckline.

It had the words “wild things” printed on the front, just like the iconic movie her mother starred in. The words were printed in thick block text to stand out even more than usual.

On her bottom half, she wore a pale blue string bikini that was tied in a bow on one side. In terms of accessories, Sami wore two rings and a pair of silver hoop earrings to spice up the look.

While perched on her motorcycle, she gripped both handles showing off her black nail polish and some of the tattoos on her arms. She wore her long blonde hair slightly parted to the side in smooth waves that blew behind her body in the breeze. Her makeup was totally on point, including perfect eyebrow tint and lashes.

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