Sami Sheen braves the snow in a bikini after ‘the Grinch stole her clothes’

Sami Sheen close up
Sami Sheen stuns in a bikini in the show. Pic credit: @samisheen/Instagram

Sami Sheen is heating up a cold winter day as she poses in a tiny white bikini with a Santa hat.

The famous nepo-baby is the daughter of Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen, and she definitely inherited both of their good looks and charm. Despite being the child of super-famous parents, she’s been working hard to earn her own way, helping her build quite a social media following.

In her latest photo share, Sami shared five sexy snaps while trying to look brave while clearly freezing in the snow. She knelt in the first gorgeous photo to show off the snow-colored bikini and the frosty inspo behind her.

She wore a red Santa hat trimmed with fake white fur and a pair of white snow boots. Sami was glammed up for the frozen photo shoot with dark eye makeup and her signature red lip.

In the second photo, Sami held a mug in one hand while holding her hat with the other. She looked away from the camera with a sly smile. The third photo was similar, except that she let go of the hat, and the fourth showed Sami leaning in for a quick photo with a snowman while her hands were sandwiched between her legs for warmth.

The fifth and final photo zoomed in on Sami’s outfit and the mug she held, cutting her head off completely. She captioned the set by saying, “the grinch stole my clothes this year.”

Sami Sheen goes ‘business casual’ in platform boots

Sami Sheen certainly is getting the hang of this modeling thing and often shares snaps of herself in various outfits while posing or lounging.

In another recent snap, the starlet opted for lounging as she showed off an outfit she considered to be “business casual.” In the photo, Sami is kicked back with her feet up while lounging in a chair while wearing knee-length black platform boots.

She wore a pretty pink and white houndstooth skirt suit with a flirty white blouse that was left unbuttoned, showing off the black bra she wore underneath.

Sami accentuated the look with a gorgeous baby pink Coach bag and large gemstone earrings.

Sami Sheen encourages fans to vote

When Sami isn’t busy dropping seriously gorgeous photos on the ‘Gram, she puts her efforts into a very worthy cause — getting out the vote.

Sami just turned 18 years old this year, so it was her first time hitting up the voting booth, and she wanted to make sure as many others headed down there to cast their ballots along with her.

Naturally, Sami used quite an attention-getting technique to share her message. While posing in a pink sports bra, Sami stuck two of the “I voted” stickers to the bra, one on either cup.

She also made it clear that women’s rights were her big issue, hashtagging the post with messages about women’s rights and abortion rights.

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